Thursday, May 13, 2010

A new city and a new job

Let us go back to 2008 again . . .

RW (my now fiance), and I continued to text, email and call one another everyday, multiple times after our first night together. Our first plan was for me to go to Calgary at the beginning of April. It began to feel like years away. So I actually drove down for two nights during Easter, and made it back to Edmonton to have Easter dinner with my family on Sunday night.

The back and forth between Edmonton and Calgary continued for months. Usually it was me driving down Friday after work (or Friday afternoon of I had the day off), but 3 times RW was actually able to either catch a ride or take the bus and make his way to Etown. I had a car, he did not.

Finally I got the letter about renewing the lease on my apartment with my BFF in August - and I came to the decision to move to Calgary. My current job was being difficult about transferring to the Calgary office. RW had already left the company, started a new job, got fired (for stupid reasons), and found a new job. So with little to keep me there - through a family member - I found a new job in Calgary.

In October RW and I moved into our place together.