Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ups and Downs

I can't believe that it is almost March already.  Time is just flying by so quickly.

 - My back is almost 100% after hurting on Feb 13.  I drove to work all last week because I just could not imagine how I would manage the stairs and possibility of standing when taking the LRT.  This week I was back on public transit, and it was fine.  Today was the first day the stairs to 104 St did not hurt.

 - We did family portraits on Feb 14.  I can't wait to see the proofs.  Hopefully I can get a digital copies of a couple of the shots.  The photographer called yesterday and the proofs are ready - yay!

 - After the photo session, the four of us (Tim, Greg, and Tim's girlfriend Tracy) went all the way to Fort Saskatchewan for Pizza Delight.  It's an east coast chain that makes Tracy (who is from Bathurst, NB) feel at home.  It was a little funny that Valentine's dinner was more of a family dinner - but Tim invited Greg and I because it was not a romantic dinner.  The food was delicious.

 - I spent most of the Family Day long weekend on the couch with a heating pad.  Finally managed to finish Games of Thrones season 2.  Now I want seasons 3 and 4 (which I bought last weekend and I watched the first two episodes of season 3).  I am also finishing House of Cards season 2.

 - Had a review at work and it went really well.  We really need to sit down and have a meeting about where we want the circulation department to go in 2015, because we did get off topic a little a couple of times.  In the end I got a raise, and it was actually a little more than I was expecting.

 - A couple of alumni of my fraternity (including myself) made chili for the active chapter on Monday.  It went over really well.  I used my slow cooker (with a liner) and made vegetarian chili.  It could have been thicker ( I added too much vegetable broth), but it was delicious.

 - I am tired of all the ups and downs with the weather.  The week started out with a high of 7 above, and then this morning it was 20 below (without the windchill).  Of course March is usually when we have the craziest weather, but hopefully no more minus 20 temps.  Brrrrrrrr.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weight Loss Update: Jan 17 to Feb 17

Weight Watchers Weigh-In

Original Weight:  314.8
Previous Weight:  254.1 (Jan 17)
Goal Weight:  169.0

Jan 24:   254.0 (-0.1)
Jan 31:   253.6 (-0.4)
Feb 7:    252.4 (-1.2)
Feb 14:   No Weigh In - Injured

Change (since January 17):     -1.7
Total Loss (since Nov 2012):  -62.4 pounds

Total Loss since May 2012:  -69.8 pounds
Total Loss since Nov 2005:  -84.0 pounds
Pounds to Lose:  83.4

SP Weigh-In (at home scale)

Previous Weight:  251.8 (Jan 17)
Current Weight:    249.8 (Feb 7)

Change:   -2.0 pounds

I am quite proud of myself.  Since I got back from Victoria and got back on track, I have seen a loss every week.  That is a 4 week streak.

As for exercise, I have been walking more.  I also bought a simple kickboxing video, but I have not started that yet.

Last Friday morning I was walking down the sidewalk from my house to the bus stop to go to work. I hit a patch of ice and slipped.  My feet went out from under me and I fell - hard - on my ass.  Luckily I did not break anything, but I did pull a muscle (or a few) in my lower back.  I have basically spent 4 days on the couch with a pillow for extra lumbar support & a heating pad plus some Robax.  It's still sore but getting better.  I hate being a klutz.

So not much exercise or movement over the past 4 days.  I hope I heal quickly.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dreams and Nightmares

I occasionally have night terrors.  Actually they probably happen more often than I think they do, but they only wake me up sometimes.

They started when I first moved out and was living in a tiny two-bedroom basement apartment with my best friend.  At that time they were usually just about bugs on the walls.  I would hit the bugs (in my sleep), and wake myself up.  I think they were mostly due to the actual mice we had living in the walls.

We moved to a larger two bedroom coach home.  Then the night terrors changed and really started to amp up.  They usually involved a scary, dark figure being in my room.  I would throw pillow and knock over my bedside lamp before I would wake myself up.

Then I moved in with my boyfriend into our first place in Calgary.  One night I grabbed the pillow out from under his head and threw it across the room.  Freaked him out completely.  Again, usually I was seeing dark, scary figures in my room.  Sometimes dark, other world creatures would crawl up from the floor onto my bed.

Now that I am back in Edmonton, I still have them, but less often (I think).  Once there was a blond little girl twirling around and around at the end of my bed.  Another time an older woman was at the top corner of my room, she kind of looked like Helen Mirren.  It's creepy and weird and why I wake myself up screaming.  Then of course I have trouble falling back asleep.

They usually occur between 10:30 pm and 11:30 pm (depending on when I turn out my light).  They happen more often when I am tired and I fall asleep really fast.  Apparently, if someone would gently wake me up around just after I fall asleep (so before I have a night terror), it would help stop them from happening.

Besides the night terrors I have had a couple of just really odd dreams lately.  A couple of them involved my ex husband.  I think because he is on my mind this time of year.  Two years ago is when we were separated, but still "living together" in the same house.  In January I spent a week in Edmonton, then he spent two weeks crashing at a friend's house.  When he got back we slept in separate bedrooms.  It was right before the Family Day holiday that we decided to officially end it, and I went to Edmonton for the weekend, which is when my aunt offered me my new position in circulation.  My the end of March I was packed up and moved back in Edmonton.

I felt so alone and sad back then.  It was horrible.  Now, life is fairly awesome.  I love my new job (well not so new anymore) and my new-to-me house.  I have less debt, less stress, and more friends than when I was in Calgary.  With the divorce finalized I can close a book on that chapter of my life and look forward.

Also, I hope that in time I will sleep easier in my very comfortable new queen-sized bed.