Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Packing and Stuff

We get the keys to our new place on Friday !!

I am so excited but there is also so much work to do between now and then. An old co-worker and friend of RW's came over on Sunday to help pack. Monday evening we were both so tired that all we manged to do was park our butts n the couch. Yesterday my husband got to go to a pre-season hockey game for free, but I did manage to do some dishes and pack two boxes.

So now is the push to get as much as possible done over the next two nights.

It will all be worth it once we are settled in our new home.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Television, Wings & Cuddles

Last night RW and I went over to our friends' house to watch the season finale of Big Brother 13 and eat some damn good food. L is a terrific host and she made curry celery soup, homemade biscuits, and pulled pork. Delicious! (except I missed the fact there was no coleslaw for my pulled pork, I love the mixture of the coleslaw and the pork on the bun). Then we had cupcakes for dessert. Yummy! (good thing I am weighing myself in for WW on Friday AM, lol)

I was happy with the outcome of BB13 - except I could see how Porsche almost won. No one believed me that it would be a 4-3 vote. They kept thinking that Adam and Daniele would vote for Rachel. Thank goodness for Shelley (never thought I would say that).

I loved that Jeff won America's Favorite Player.

Tonight we are going over to J&L's house. She is going to make wings (more delicious food). I will get another chance to cuddle with their adorable son & daughter. The twins were born 4 weeks ago and they are so cute and for the most part easy going.

Before we do that we are meeting up with our landlord to get our copy of the rental agreement and go over a few things and give the damage deposit.

I can't wait to move into the new place.

This weekend will be all about the packing and organizing and more packing. Fun times.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Eat Healthy, Move More, and Repeat . . .

Hmmm - looking back on my last post from June a bunch of thoughts run through my head.

- Why do I not blog once a week or so? I love to write and get the thoughts out of my head. I love to talk about myself. I really need to just blog more, simply because it feels good.

- Well my last attempt at getting healthy lasted a couple of weeks. I keep making plans and then not following through. I need to find some way to motivate myself.

- We are moving in 11 days. I am really looking forward to this. The new place is the main floor of a house with 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths and an open kitchen/living room. There is loads of storage and a huge backyard.

- The weather has changed and now it really feels like fall outside. Cool and crisp. I actually love it.

- RW and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Sept 4. We had lunch on a patio, dinner out at a restaurant where we had our first date in Calgary. He got me a card, and a figurine, and flowers. It was great.

- Our friends had their twins and I have had the opportunity to give them lots of cuddles. They really are adorable and well behaved (which is funny to say, since they are only 3.5 weeks old).

- I need to turn my wanting to have a child into my motivation to lose weight. Sounds easy enough, but I have to get that light to click inside my brain.

I am sure there a bunch of other things I could comment on, but I will leave it for today. Perhaps this will make me want to come back and blog more.