Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trying to Move Forward

I have been having a difficult time lately.

I stopped attending WW meetings, after I had lost 17.2 pounds. It has been hard to come up with the money for the meetings and pay down the dept we had from my husband being out of work for four months. As well as it was difficult to get to the meetings.

I want to try to do WW online (my mom said she would pay), but I keep enjoying all the good food at the various events of the past 6 weeks, and I never quite get back on program.

Maybe if I write it down here I WILL weigh myself on Friday morning and make up a healthy food plan for the week.

It has been a busy month and this will continue until June. First up is the Victoria Day long weekend full of plans and fun with friends. Then we are gong camping for two nights (May 27 & 28), and then on the 29th I leave for a sales retreat in Banff.

Our friends that are expecting twins are getting married on June 12. Our neighbours get possession of their new home June 17. The fourth couple in our group has a band and they are trying to release their first CD sometime in June.

When things get busy my eating habits are affected. I have to figure out a way to still eat right and exercise while enjoying my social life.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little history

I have never been pregnant, never seen a positive pregnancy test, never even really thought there was a good chance I was pregnant (just a bunch of hopes that would crash down with temperature drops each month).

My mother on the other hand was extremely fertile. Unfortunately she had problems staying pregnant. Her incompetent cervix liked to dilate way before it was time to even think of those things. As a result I had an older brother that passed away at a week old in January of 1977, and a younger sister that passed away at almost a month old in 1981 (I feel bad for forgetting which month). My mom also had at least two 2nd tri miscarriages. She was dealt a crappy, crappy hand.

I somehow managed to make it to 31 weeks, and was born in October of 1977. I stayed in the hospital for a month, and other than my crummy lungs, I have no other long term effects.

My parents adopted their next child - my younger brother TJ - to continue with their plan of having 4 children.

When my mom got pregnant for at least the 6th time, she had her cervix stitched up, and my youngest brother was born the day after my birthday at 36, almost 37 weeks.

I really respect my parents for continuing to TTC and staying together while experiencing so much loss and heartbreak.