Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Weekly Update: Dec 11 to Dec 17

It was an all right week.  I was a bit unmotivated to workout.  I did manage to set up the other workout game I have for the Wii, which is EA Sports Active 2.  I like this one because I have two sensors that I wear - one on my right leg and one on my left arm.  The one on my arm has a heart monitor.  Of course I set it up on Thursday and have not played it since.  I only managed the BLC game on Wednesday and then this Monday & yesterday.  If I could just develop some consistency with the workouts, that would help improve the numbers on the scale. 

 Weight Watchers Weigh-In:

Original Weight: 314.8
Previous Weight (Dec 7): 277.3
Today's Weight (Dec 14): 277.4
Change: +0.1
Total Loss: -39.9

Total Loss since May 2012: -47.3
Total Loss since Nov 2005: -61.1

Spark People Weigh-In: 
Previous Weight (Dec 7):  272.2
Today's Weight (Dec 14):  272.2

So no movement this week.  I am glad that I maintained.  Hopefully I can lose a pound or two this week and then maintain over Christmas.  My mom is making her delicious sticky buns, and I just can't resist having one or two.

I am going to make some healthier options for sweets -  such as pineapple cake using just pineapples and angle food cake mix, and chocolate candy cane cookies using Splenda.  I also love the peanut butter cookies from Kraft that only using PB, an egg and sugar (and I have made them with Splenda).  I am going to look through my old emails (from WW and SkinnnyTaste etc) and see if I find anything else.

It's not that I can't have all the yummy foods of the season, I just need to eat them in moderation.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weekly Update: Dec 4 to Dec 10

It has been a really cold week up here in the frozen North.  I finally took my car into the garage.  Ended up getting a couple of things fixed as well as a new windshield.  Now I just need to find the warranty information so that I can get some money back. 

I also finally met up with Dani for dinner at Moxie's on Thursday night.  Of course we also had to wander around a couple of stores in typical Karen/Dani fashion.  I finally found the delicious WW brownie bliss bars - which I highly recommend. 

Weight Wacthers Weigh-In:

Original Weight: 314.8
Previous Weight (Nov 23): 274.8
Today's Weight (Dec 7): 277.3
Change: -2.5
Total Loss: -40

Total Loss since May 2012: -47.4
Total Loss since Nov 2005: -61.2

Spark People Weigh-In: 
Previous Weight (Nov 30):  274.8
Today's Weight (Dec 7):  272.2

Woohoo !!  I am down a total of 40 pounds since I started back with WW on November 17, 2012.  At my 1 year anniversary of WW 2.0, I was down 37.4 pounds. 

This time last year was when my ex and I had a horrible conversation after his work Christmas party (Dec 14 or 15).  It would have been so easy to turn to food every time I was angry or sad - and I do admit that I had many times in the past year where I made bad food decisions - but overall I moved forward.  Separation, moved 300km, new position at work and I still lost 40 pounds. Not bad, not bad at all.

This week I worked out (with my Biggest Loser Challenge Wii game) on both Saturday and Sunday.  I have no excuses for not getting off my butt for just 30min a day.  Dinner is ready when I come home from work.  I do not have a husband or kids to take care of and minimal responsibilities around my house.  It won't always be like this, so I need to take advantage of the situation while I can.

My next small goal is to get into the 260s.  I think the last time I was at that weight would have been sometime in the middle of 2009.  I really need to go back through my old WW record books and make a chart/graph for myself.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Top Five - Things I Love About Winter

I think these were supposed to be posted on Fridays, oh well, whatevs.  I am totes getting this done, obs. 

My house is all Christmatisized up - my youngest brother and I emptied the one side of the storage room and put up everything we could find, that was not normally used somewhere else in the house.  I think I just have to put up my little Christmas tree in my room along with a little paper village.  Then I have these old posters/characters that were always up at my Grandma's house in Medicine Hat.  The basement is now a little Christmas crazy.

Anyone up for a Top Five list about decorations?

The deep freeze seems to have abated a bit today, although that wind is very gusty.  I am fine with it being between -15 and -20, but when you drop below that temperature, it is just too cold.  I cringed when I heard the windchill on both Thursday and Friday morning.   

On that note here is the latest Top Five:


5.  The way the trees look when covered in frost/ice/snow.  I admit, I do enjoy this best from inside my warm, cozy house. 

4.  Building things out of snow.  I still remember the awesome snow fort we built in grade 6 next to the ice rink at school.  I also love building snowmen. 

3. Christmas lights and decorations.  I love walking down Candy Cane Lane on a nice winter evening in December.  Looking at the decorations around my house makes me smile - a lot of them hold special memories from my childhood.  I had a great time at The Festival of Trees.  I used to love going to see Bright Lights at Hawrelak Park.

2.  Delicious coffee and tea beverages, preferably made with Eggnog.  Who am I kidding, I just love a cold glass of Eggnog, and all of the other delicious treats of the season.  My mom makes the best sticky cinnamon buns.

1.  Spending Christmas and New Year's with my family and friends.  It's still my favourite time of year.  I love giving gifts and cards.  The white elephant gift exchange at work is always good for a laugh.  This year will be the last holiday celebrated in the house in Edmonton.  I miss the Christmases that we spent in Medicine Hat with my grandparents.  I truly enjoy our whole Christmas Eve dinner/opening gifts tradition.  There is the music, the movies and the books.  It is all super fantastic!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weekly Update: Nov 27 to Dec 3

Weight Watchers Weigh-In:

Original Weight: 314.8
Previous Weight (Nov 23): 277.3
Today's Weight (Nov 23): N/A
Change: N/A
Total Loss: -37.5

Total Loss since May 2012: -44.9
Total Loss since Nov 2005: -58.7

Spark People Weigh-In: 
Previous Weight (Nov 23):  274.4
Today's Weight (Nov 30):  274.8

So I did not make it to my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday morning.  My car has the check engine light on, and had an appointment booked for Tuesday.  My mom's car had an oil change booked for Saturday.  My dad helped my mom drop off her vehicle, and then he and my mom went shopping with his vehicle.

I was going to take the bus.  I made myself coffee and a breakfast sandwich.  Either my clock was off, or the bus came a couple minutes early - I walked out the front door and saw the bus driving by the cul-de-sac.  Doh!  The next bus (either the 2 or the 106) did not come for another 30min.

I think that the 0.4 pound gain (if you can even call it that) on my home scale was due to my time of the month.  So mostly bloating and water weight.  I know that things will be better this week as I weighed in at 274.6 this morning.

I have a goal to do at least 10min (if not 30min) of exercise everyday in December.  I know this will help move the numbers on the scale.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Top Five - Things I Would Do If I Won The Lottery

I went to the Festival of Trees on Friday after work with a co-worker.  It really got me into the Christmas spirit.  I loved all the trees and decorations and gingerbread houses and cakes.

Saturday I watched all four of the "Step Up" movies.  Then I helped my youngest brother build our village on top of the pool table.  I will post some pics here later.  Then we took Grandma out for dinner as usual, except it was just Greg and myself and Grandma. 

Sunday was the regular trip to the grocery store.  Then Sunday night dinner with Grandma.

My alarm did not go off this morning, but I still managed to make the 7:08am bus to the LRT.  Dressed up warm for the walk to and from the station before and after work today. 

Now for more catching up with the top five lists:

Things I Would Do If I Won The Lottery

 I think that I would attempt to follow this list no matter if I won $1 million or $50 million - it would just vary to different degrees.

5.  Pay off all my debts/put money away/invest

I would love to have even just a month two where I had no bills to pay.  Now unless we are talking about a BIG win, I would still have mortgage payments.  There would also always be utilities/phone/cable/internet payments, but it would be nice not to have to stick to such a strict budget. 

 4.  Have a personal trainer

I could really use someone to make sure I am doing movements correctly.  Also someone to kick my lazy ass into gear.  I'm not horrible, but there is definite room for improvement.  Maybe someone could finally improve my balance and teach me yoga?

I'm a good cook, and I actually enjoy it too - so I don't need a chef or a nutritionist.  Having money would hopefully mean more time to prepare food and also the ability to buy good quality ingredients.

I just really need help with exercise. 

3.  Travel

I want to be able to go to all the places I have always wanted to visit.  Travelling there in style would also be nice (if I had enough money).  Of course I would want to take my friends with me so that we could enjoy it together.

Those 3 to 4 month long cruises around the world sound like a great opportunity to see multiple destinations.  I would also like to go to the states and go shopping crazy.

2.  Spread the Wealth

I would of course like to share the money with friends and family.  Whether it be to fly everyone out to Victoria, or to join me on a cruise (see above), or to help me spend money in the US.

My one brother could fix up his house.  I could pay my parents back for all the financial help they have provided for me over the years.  We could put my grandmother up in style with good nurses in Victoria.

1.  Buy a House & Car

I really do like my car, but it would be awesome to have a brand new model with all the bells and whistles.  Even better would be an awesome place to live.  It doesn't need to be a mansion, I would rather have a smaller place with super upgrades. 

Eventually in 2014 I will get a place of my own.  There are a bunch of details to work out, but it will all happen in time.  It would just be really nice not to have to stick to a budget for the mortgage.  A girl can dream.