Monday, December 9, 2013

Top Five - Things I Love About Winter

I think these were supposed to be posted on Fridays, oh well, whatevs.  I am totes getting this done, obs. 

My house is all Christmatisized up - my youngest brother and I emptied the one side of the storage room and put up everything we could find, that was not normally used somewhere else in the house.  I think I just have to put up my little Christmas tree in my room along with a little paper village.  Then I have these old posters/characters that were always up at my Grandma's house in Medicine Hat.  The basement is now a little Christmas crazy.

Anyone up for a Top Five list about decorations?

The deep freeze seems to have abated a bit today, although that wind is very gusty.  I am fine with it being between -15 and -20, but when you drop below that temperature, it is just too cold.  I cringed when I heard the windchill on both Thursday and Friday morning.   

On that note here is the latest Top Five:


5.  The way the trees look when covered in frost/ice/snow.  I admit, I do enjoy this best from inside my warm, cozy house. 

4.  Building things out of snow.  I still remember the awesome snow fort we built in grade 6 next to the ice rink at school.  I also love building snowmen. 

3. Christmas lights and decorations.  I love walking down Candy Cane Lane on a nice winter evening in December.  Looking at the decorations around my house makes me smile - a lot of them hold special memories from my childhood.  I had a great time at The Festival of Trees.  I used to love going to see Bright Lights at Hawrelak Park.

2.  Delicious coffee and tea beverages, preferably made with Eggnog.  Who am I kidding, I just love a cold glass of Eggnog, and all of the other delicious treats of the season.  My mom makes the best sticky cinnamon buns.

1.  Spending Christmas and New Year's with my family and friends.  It's still my favourite time of year.  I love giving gifts and cards.  The white elephant gift exchange at work is always good for a laugh.  This year will be the last holiday celebrated in the house in Edmonton.  I miss the Christmases that we spent in Medicine Hat with my grandparents.  I truly enjoy our whole Christmas Eve dinner/opening gifts tradition.  There is the music, the movies and the books.  It is all super fantastic!

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