Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First comes marriage?

I don't remember when exactly we started discussing having children. I mean actually trying to conceive - not the conversations we had on our first dates about how we both want kids, and what we wanted to name them, and how many.

What I do know is that we were at a party at our friend AC's house, and for the first time we met GP's girlfriend/fiance. Somehow we ended up discussing how I wanted a ring, a wedding ring, on my finger before we got pregnant - and how RW really wanted to have a child, and did not care if we got married first.

By the end of March he had me thinking that having a baby, right now, would be great. I mean I started to think about it all the time and realized it didn't really matter if we were married first.

So April 1, 2009 I took my last birth control pill.

I had been on them since spring of 1998.

Maybe we need to go back and give a little medical history. I started my period when I was 11, and by age 14-15 the cramps were so painful that my dad (a doctor) got me some prescription anti-inflammatory drugs. A few years later and I would end up taking this combination of different over the counter drugs that let me function the first two days AF made her appearance on top of the prescription ones.

When I started BCPs when I was 19 - I remember thinking "why did I not do this when I was 16 or 17?".

I was worried that with going off the pill I would end up back in pain every month - but it actually was not that bad. I take an Aleve and maybe some Tylenol Menstrual - and I am fine.

I also used to have 35 day cycles before the pill . . . now . . . I am pretty much textbook with an average of 28 day cycles.

Ok enough with the TMI - point is I stopped taking birth control pills . . . and . . . nothing.



  1. Now the "brooding" label makes sense....

    I had no idea you were struggling to have children or that you've wanted them for so long. I was one of the lucky ones for whom conception was laughably easy.... and I really have no way to explain it.

    Just know that I feel like I'm the exception to the rule -- almost everyone else I know struggled for years before conceiving their first child. (Sorry, I'm not trying to scare you...... just want you to know that it's normal with the first child.)

    My cousin tried everything, but nothing worked until she went for an accupuncture session. Is this something you've looked into or are willing to try?

  2. I would be willing to try accupuncture, thanks for the idea.