Thursday, April 28, 2011

If it is not one thing . . .

. . . then it is another.

I was on my way to work on Monday and all of a sudden my car started to make horrible knocking and popping sounds and it got worse as I tried to accelerate. I managed to make my way home and then drive it over to the auto shop by my house after work.

Of course it turns out to be a major issue - one of the rocker arms and valves separated and of course, in doing so, stripped the bolt. They tired a couple of different things, but to no avail, and now they are pricing out a new cylinder head.


Now I will have to make a decision whether to spend the money to get it fixed, or let my poor first car go and drive my grandmother's boat for a while until I can afford a new (to me) car.

I am just not sure it is worth it to put a couple more thousand into a 2003 vehicle that also needs brake & shock work.

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