Tuesday, October 18, 2011

True Friends

We are moved and mostly settled into our new home. Just a few more boxes to unpack - mostly filled with books and stuff that goes into our second room/office. We have invited all of our friends over this Saturday for a housewarming.

Of course there were a few bumps with the move.

Our friends A&L had company coming in from Edmonton for the weekend. We all knew about this for weeks. They kept saying they would try to find a way to still help us out, even if it was only for a couple of hours. Well a day or two before the move A bailed on us completely - and at least had the decency to text to send a text to my husband. Where he went wrong, is that he told two different stories as to why he could not help out.

We got told that his friend from out of town (whom we have met once before), did not want to spend his vacation time moving. Fair enough. All we were asking it that A, and just A, come over and help load.

Our other friends got told that A's wife L wanted to go to Banff with their friends. So of course A bailed on us and did what his wife wanted.

Problem is that we were two of the people that helped out the most with their move in June. It was a Thursday and my poor husband did not get to bed until after midnight, when he had to work the next day.

Also - L is immature and selfish and continues to treat her husband like her child. She "allows" him to do things (that exact wording), and always tries to find a way to get her own way. We are all tired of it and wish A could see this.

Well what ended up happening is that all of our friends helped us out. No one went over to A&L's house for their housewarming that evening after the move. Instead they came over and helped us unpack.

A's relationship with my husband is still strained, and L is still mad at him. What? Mad at my husband?

I look back and realize we could have handled everything differently - that A&L were kind of caught between their friends from out of town and us - but all we expected was a couple of hours of help because we had gone out of our way to help them.

So now L will most likely not be coming over to our place anytime soon. But then I can only think of a very few times (maybe 5?) that she ever came over to our old place - and up until June we lived just down the alley from them.

There is so much more to this. It's complicated and I do not even know where to start.

We did have everyone else over this past Saturday for J's birthday (the dad that just had twins). It was a great time - but it would have been nice if A&L would have made a brief appearance.

I guess we just know who our true friends are now. Sigh.

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