Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Distraction - Diversion - Entertainment - Escape

*** First off an update on my frustrations with the ex.  The Telus account is finally switched over to his name, and he has said he will pay me back for the money I paid to clear it up.  I will be surprised if that ever happens, but I don't care.  In October I will make sure that the other credit card balance is transferred to him, one way or another.  He did say that he would figure it out.  He agreed to take that half of the debt when we separated, so if he can't get his act together I will take a look at small claims court or whatever I have to do.  Got to stop being so nice. ***

I have always loved watching television and movies, as well as reading.  The joy of losing myself in another world for a few hours.  Forgetting what is going on around me and relaxing.

I immerse myself completely and become a little obsessed.

I spent many late night hours on a message board about Friends.  I had a collection of magazine articles and books about The X-Files.  I read way too many fanfiction stories based on CSI.

When I first moved back to Edmonton at the end of March/beginning of April - there were still new episodes of my favourite television shows to watch.  After that I pulled out my DVDs of The West Wing.  When I finished watching all 7 seasons and the extras I was sad.  I needed another addiction. 

So my latest compulsion has been with Aaron Sorkin shows.  I want to find Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on DVD.  Six years later and it still angers me that the show was not picked up for a second season.  I loved the interaction between Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford.  I love Aaron's smart, fast paced style of writing.  He wrote the screenplay for The Social Network (and won an Oscar), as well as other movies that I love including A Few Good Men, The American President, and Moneyball.

My youngest brother got us started on The Newsroom.  Oh My Sweet Creme Caramel.  I was laughing so hard catching up on Season 1.  I am in love with Jeff Daniels, John Gallagher Jr, and Dev Patel. It annoys me a little that Aaron like to reuse jokes and lines from The West Wing (and Sports Night) in The Newsroom - but it is still very entertaining.

I have also been spending time watching series of television on Netflix.  Season 1 of Homeland, Season 1 of Orange Is The New Black, and now I finished Season 1 of Dexter and am moving on to Season 2.  

Television is one of my favourite escapes.  Right now it also gives me the opportunity to spend time with my family.  We enjoy watching Masterchef and The Amazing Race Canada together.

Happiness is me curled up on my La-Z-Boy couch in the basement as interesting characters flicker across the screen.

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  1. I so hear you. But for me it's books or video games. Seriously, when I was dealing with our second miscarriage, I played Mario Galaxy, Zuma, and mahjong for hours on end. For weeks. It's a coping mechanism, and it's a valid one. Hang in there.