Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Yep, I Am Still A Huge Kutz

So this long weekend has been all about organizing the house.  My parents headed to Victoria on Thursday morning, so they were no longer underfoot, and I could start to deal with all the stuff that ended up at my house.

I got all the boxes in my room unpacked.  This made me realize that I needed another bookcase.  Sigh.  If I had just realized this a couple of weeks ago, I probably could have got one or two for free from my parents.  Oh well.  I found an awesome one at Ikea for a good price that is in this white-washed wood.  It's what I would like to do with the pine pieces in my bedroom.

Yesterday afternoon I was coming down the stairs with stuff in my hands, and my right foot slipped out from under me and I fell.  I lightly twisted my left ankle.  I wore my ankle brace yesterday and it seems much better today.

What is causing me grief is my left knee.  It ended up behind/underneath me when I landed.  It was super sore last night and I had trouble sleeping (even after taking some painkillers).  This morning when I got up for work I could barely walk to my ensuite bathroom.  I stayed home with my leg elevated.  It does feel better but still a bit aggravating to walk. 

Doh!  I am such a klutz. 

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