Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Weight Loss Update: March 15 to April 14

Weight Watchers Weigh-In

Original Weight:  314.8
Previous Weight:  252.6 (March 14)
Goal Weight:  169.0

March 21:  252.6  (0.0)
March 28:  248.8  (-3.8)
April 4:      249.6  (+0.8)
April 11:  No Weigh In

Change (since March 14):      -3.0 pounds
Total Loss (since Nov 2012):  -65.2 pounds

Total Loss since May 2012:  -72.6 pounds
Total Loss since Nov 2005:  -86.8 pounds
Pounds to Lose:  80.6

SP Weigh-In (at home scale)

Previous Weight:  249.8 (March 14)
Current Weight:    246.2 (March 28)

Change:   -3.6 pounds

I ended March with a bang and a big loss of almost 4 pounds.  I'll admit it has been a struggle since then, but hopefully I can end April/start May around 245 pounds (at home) and 247 pounds (at WW).
The change in the weather has definitely helped with my mood and my activity level.  I have been walking more at lunch.  I love getting some sunshine in the middle of my day.

I have been trying to eat better on Saturdays, with some success.  The past couple of weeks I have been just trying to log my points so I can see how much I am eating.  I am also making some better choices, like skinny lattes at Starbucks, making my own breakfast sandwiches, and Subway for lunch. I am just going to try to knock a couple of points off my food each week.

I know I was up, by quite a bit, at home on April 11.  With errands and then a girls day of shopping, I just didn't make it to my WW meeting.  It would have been ugly, like 4 pounds or more gained ugly. I have been trying hard to get back on track since then, and hopefully I can show good progress next month.

As for NSV (non-scale victories), I had a work event on April 16 and I fit into a size 16 dress I wore to a couple of weddings in the summer of 2009.


  1. Awesome! Keep it up and thanks for the update.

  2. I so envy you. You're doing awesome, and I admire your perseverance. Keep it up!