Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Windy City

Exciting news!  I am going to travel to Chicago at the end of June.

My Fraternity, Pi Beta Phi, is having their bi-annual convention, and I was picked to go as a member of our Chapter House Corporation.  The cost of the convention (accommodations, food & sessions) plus some of my flight down there is covered).

I arrive there on the Thursday evening and hopefully I can meet up with some fellow Edmonton Pi Phi sisters for dinner.  Friday morning I will do a little shopping.  Friday afternoon I am booked on a Chicago Architectural River Cruise as a pre-convention tour.

The actual convention starts Friday late afternoon/early evening.  Then Saturday, Sunday and Monday are filled with meetings, seminars, events, meals, etc.

I leave late on Tuesday, leaving some more time for shopping in Chicago.

It should be fun and educational - plus I get to go shopping in the US.  On Friday morning I would actually love to hit up a grocery store, it is one of my favourite things to do when I travel to the United States. 

My passport has been updated (it had my old, married last name plus it was about to expire in October) and I have used the trip as an excuse to pick up a couple of cute dresses and shoes.  Of course I will wear these outfits to other places (most likely work).

I am counting down the days until I leave (23 as of today).  It's going to be great to go visit another city in another country.  I love to travel.


  1. Safe travels and have an amazing time!

  2. So cool that you're able to reconnect with friends from university (and do some traveling, to boot!)

    Can you believe we graduated high school 20 years ago?? Dayum.