Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Weight Loss Update: Dec 14 to Jan 23

Weight Watchers Weigh-In

Original Weight:  314.8
Previous Weight:  243.4 (Dec 12)
Goal Weight:  169.0

Dec 19:  240.8 (-2.6)
Dec 26:  In Victoria
Jan 2:  In Victoria
Jan 9:  240.2 (-0.6)
Jan 16:  In Medicine Hat
Jan 23:  238.8 (-1.4)

Change (since Dec 12):  -4.6 pounds
Total Loss (since Nov 2012):  -76.0 pounds

Total Loss since May 2012:  -83.4 pounds
Total Loss since Nov 2005:  -97.6 pounds
Pounds to Lose: 69.8

SP Weigh-In (at home scale)

Previous Weight:  240.6 (Dec 12)
Current Weight:    236.4 (Jan 23)

Change:   -4.2

It has been crazy over the past couple of months.  First I left for Victoria to spend the holidays with my parents and siblings on Dec 23.  We got back home late on Jan 3.  Then on Jan 6 my grandmother of almost 92 years passed away.  Her funeral was Jan 16 in Medicine Hat where she was born and raised and lived until 2010.

Somehow throughout all the holiday treats, road trip snacks, and funeral luncheon (plus grief) - I didn't gain any weight.

In fact I accomplished my 75 pound weight loss goal on Saturday at my WW meeting !!

I have made some good changes with the new program.  I am really focused on not adding extra sugar and saturated fat to my diet (as in my food intake).

It would be great to be able to lose about 10 pounds before my brother's wedding in May, maybe even 15 pounds.

I have now lost more weight than I have to lose.  So I am on the second half of this particular weight loss journey.  With the new program, I can see myself losing more weight this year than the last.

2016 is going to be awesome !!

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