Monday, January 10, 2011

It's 2011, yep it is

There is so much going on in my head right now, and I finally realized that this would be a perfect place to unload some of my thoughts.

OK, so my first thought is that I need to blog more in 2011. It's not so much a resolution as it is a goal. It should not be hard to write a couple of posts a month.

I started back at Weight Watchers on last Thursday. So far it is going well. I like the new Points Plus program as I get to eat lots of fresh fruit (they are zero points), and since we now figure out points using protein/carbs/fiber/fat, I have 48 points a day. They are different points, but I still love that I have more.

My grandmother, my dad's mom, my only living grandparent was in the hospital. She flew to Edmonton on Dec 17 an was supposed to fly out of Edmonton to Victoria on Dec 20. The whole family was gathering at the new home in Victoria for Christmas. Well it did not go as planned. On the night of Dec 17, my grandmother slipped on the stairs, twisted, did not fall, but did manage to break her leg. She had surgery on Dec 19 to place a pin on her femur.

It has not been going well. He leg is fine, and healing nicely, but all these other issues cropped up. Her back is a mess, has been for years, but it contributed to the broken leg. Her stomach was bothering her from the pain medication her doctor prescribed for her back pain. So she was not eating. She is still not eating well. She has lost a lot of muscle tone.

Now, she is in assisted living back in Medicine Hat. They discharged her from the hospital on Jan 7 and flew her home with barely an hour's notice. Urghhhh. So my mom had to travel down there in horrible weather and will now try to get her eating and up moving and better enough to fly her back to Edmonton. Then my parent's can set her up in their house with home care.

It's complicated and aggravating and my grandmother is being so stubborn (not eating and fighting everyone).

I just want my grandmother to be there at my cousin's wedding this year. I want her to be able to hold her first great grandchild, hopefully mine, after I finally get pregnant. I want her to move out to Victoria with my parents (which was the plan all along).

Hopefully my mom will have got her eating again when I talk to her today or tomorrow.

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  1. Glad to see you back online!

    Your poor grandmother.... how is she doing now?