Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Swimming along

Well I am doing well. I have lost almost 4 pounds on WW and I hope to increase that number tomorrow. It is great how easily I have slipped back into portion control and counting points. It is a comfortable hat.

I have also started to go to the pool. My neighbour, L, and her husband A, got married in February of 2010 and they are also trying to conceive their first child. She is also doing WW, but the online program. She invited me to go to the pool with her one evening, and I forgot how much I love to swim. For the first couple of times I was just swimming laps - but I am going to try out deep water aerobics tonight. It is a start in getting some exercise in everyday.

We have been having issues with our wireless router at home, and we only got it in September. I am not sure what is going on but I tried a bunch of different things, and nothing has worked so far. So unfortunately we have to keep the laptop hooked up to the internet with a cord. Hopefully my husband can call the help line and get this figured out. I love him but I am the more technologically savvy member of this partnership. He is the one who has more time though as he is not working . . . which I do not think I have mentioned yet. I will go into that another day.

Right now it is back to work for another couple of hours and then home to eat the yummy stew that has been simmering away in our slow cooker all day. Delicious.

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  1. Good for you for joining WW again and for becoming more active! I need to do the same on both counts...

    Please keep us posted on here as to how you're doing -- and please post photos whenever possible. :)