Monday, May 13, 2013

More Top Five: Pinterest Ideas I Would Like To Try

I came a little late to the Pinterest party.  I initially signed up over a year ago, and I pinned a couple of recipes and favourite places/things.  Then I kind of abandoned it.

When I started my new position in the Edmonton office on April 1, I found out that my two co-workers in the circulation department liked to have "pinterest breaks".  They re-introduced me to Pinterest and now I am on there almost everyday.

So, here is a list of 5 things from Pinterest that I wold like to try to make:

5.  Jewelry Organizer

I have a lot of necklaces and I like having them in an easy place to find.  I do have a jewelry armoire, but it only holds about 16 -20 small/short necklaces.  At one point I stuck a bunch of tiny 3M hooks on the inside door of my clothes armoire.  Of course this means that some of the necklaces hit the shelves when the door closes and so it is always open a crack.  I think something like this would be a better option.

4.  Covered Brick Book Ends

I love to read.  I do have a Kobo, but I also still have a variety of physical books as well.  Right now I have a bunch of black, metal, office book ends.  This would be pretty and an easy thing to change for different seasons/room decor.


3.  Weight Loss Jars/Anchors

My first go around on WW, I had two small jars, and one was filled with pennies.  Every time I lost a pound, I would move pennies over from one jar to another.  This is the same idea but in larger scale with something that looks nicer than pennies.  I also like that the jars are labelled. 

2.  Breakfast Quinoa

My go-to breakfast on work days is Special K Satisfaction cereal with 1% milk.  It's fine, but it does get a little boring.  I like oatmeal, and I like quinoa, so I thought cooking quinoa in milk and adding fruit would be delicious.

1.  Chicken Salad with Greek Yogurt

Most of the time for lunch I have a salad with mixed greens, chicken, apple, cranberries and nuts/seeds.  Then I add a fat free dressing (just a touch).  Very yummy, but I would like to switch it up a little.  I think that a low fat/fat free chicken salad in a wrap (whole wheat or lettuce) will be excellent.

I am not really a crafty person, but I do love using Pinterest to find recipes and quotes.

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  1. Pinterest is such an amazingly wonderful time suck, isn't it? :)

    I set up the weight loss jars (used two extra medium sized glasses) and some of those dollar store glass stones that I had in my craft supplies. I didn't do the lettering, but I do have them out on a shelf in my kitchen where I see them every day.

    I have an appalling number of recipe boards, but I have found some really great recipes on there. Found some duds too, but you never know until you try.

    Happy pinning!

  2. This is the post I told you about that I somehow missed all those months ago!

    PS - Good job with the jars. I may have to copy this idea from you. :)