Monday, August 11, 2014

Unpacking and Organizing

I have now been living in my new home for almost two weeks.  It's great, even if it is still a bit disorganized.  There are a bunch of boxes in the dining room and living room.  In my room I just have four small boxes left to unpack - and then I need to do a bunch of organizing.  I did buy and build a cabinet/shelf system that goes over the toilet and put that in my ensuite bathroom.  It works great but I know I need to go through all my toiletries and get rid of a bunch of stuff.

We rented a truck and moved the majority of all our stuff on July 29.  That night I was able to sleep in my new bedroom.  Unfortunately it was on my old mattress.  We bought new beds a few weeks back.  Then the store failed to let me know that they were out of stock and the delivery would be delayed.  I had to make phone calls and track down the shipment and figure out what was happening.  Once the beds were in stock, I wrote a email with a complaint about the lack of communication.  I asked the store to take away my old mattress and box spring at no charge.  After a call to a manager, it was agreed that they would do this for me.  One less thing to worry about.

The truck was rented for two days.  On the first day we emptied my parent's storage unit and moved most of the things left at my parent's house.  There are a few boxes of books left, hopefully we can get those this weekend.  On the second day I was back at work, but my brothers went and emptied my grandmother's storage unit and brought all that stuff over to my parent's garage.

It has been really warm here over the past couple of weeks, and we are expecting another hot week.  My brothers were actually moving all my grandmother's stuff on the hottest day of the year (so far).  I was not sleeping well at all, so I bought a little window air conditioning unit.  Luckily it was on sale.  Even my brother broke down and bought himself a window unit - but he needs to do some work to get it to fit in his side-sliding window.

This past weekend we had a huge garage sale.  Mostly all the stuff that my grandmother has had in storage over the past three years.  I think we made just over $3000.00.  It was tiring standing and walking around all weekend.  Now we will have a charity pick the rest of the stuff up and take it away.  Also we have to stop my dad from trying to take a bunch of the remaining stuff to Victoria.

All-in-all everything has been going well.  I need to start getting up 10 min earlier so that I am not racing around the house right before my bus comes in the morning (which I did this morning and it worked well).  Canada Post was delivering my parent's mail to our house in error, but that should be fixed now.  I also need to get over to AMA to fix my insurance and car registration and driver's license.

I am busy but super happy.

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