Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weight Loss Update: July 10 to Aug 11

Well, that was a crazy month!  There was too much eating out and not making healthy food choices.

Weight Watchers Weigh In

Original Weight: 314.8
Previous Weight (July 5):  260.4
Today's Weight:

July 11:  260.6 (+0.2)
July 19:  261.8 (+1.2)
July 26:  Missed Meeting
Aug 2:  264.0 (+2.2)
Aug 9:  259.2 (-4.8)

Total Loss:  -55.6

Total Loss Since May 2012:  -63.0
Total Loss Since Nov 2005:  -77.2

SP Weigh In

Previous Weight (July 2):  257.4
Today's Weight (Aug 9):  257.0

Over the past month I ended up gaining 3.6 pounds.  Actually it was probably more, but I did not go to the meeting on July 26.  I do know that when I weighed myself at home for Sparkpeople, I was up to 265 pounds, and that is usually 2-3 pounds lighter than the WW meetings.

Then I got back on track and I am under 260 at WW.  That feels good.

I really want to go out walking around my neighbourhood in the evenings.  Also, once it starts getting cold I will see about getting a membership at the Rec Centre near my house.  Then I could finally get back to aquasize/aquafit type classes.

My goal for the remaining months of 2014 is to lose more than an average of 0.5 pounds a week.  I know that there is nothing wrong with that average, but I want to get closer to an average of 1.0 pounds a week.  I also know that I can do that, if I stop sabotaging myself.


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  2. That graph is headed in the right direction, so great job. Remember that walking clinic at the Running Room I told you about? I did sign up for it and was all gung ho.... but then it got cancelled. Doh.