Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Best Laid Plans . . .

When I talked about my goals for the year I was 37 I had included the following:

"3.  I will continue to work on my online course.  I want to finish the course work by May/June so that I can complete my 4 week practicum and get my diploma.

4.  Once my course is done I will take the next big step and find a new job as a legal administrator."

Looks like my plans have been a bit derailed.  I signed up for the course in January of 2013.  Then I went to Edmonton for a week to work out of the office here and spend some time apart from my ex husband.  When I got back he spent two weeks crashing with a friend.  After that we decided to separate.

When I spoke to my aunt/the CEO of our company about leaving Venture when I moved back to Edmonton, she came up with another solution.  So I changed positions to the one I now have in the circulation department.  When I agreed to the job, I signed a contract and agreed to give them two years (from April 2013 to April 2015).

It has been almost two years and my program instructor told me that I either had to finish the course by December 31 (not happening), or they could transfer the courses I have taken and give me an Administrative Professional Diploma.

I wish I could go back and hold off on signing up for the course.  Or at least wait until I got to Edmonton, maybe even taking the program through a different institution.

It's all just a bit frustrating.  I know I should have communicated with Robertson College more clearly that I was moving and going to commit the next two years to my current career.  Thus making it extremely difficult to complete the program, as I could not take time off to do the 4 week practicum.

I also know that I should have been more dedicated to my studies.  If all I had left to complete was the practicum, and maybe one test, then I am sure there might have been some more flexibility.

I am not sure what to do from here.  I really like my job and there is potential for a raise in 2015, but my hope was to find a job where I could make even more money.  Then I would have the finances to have a child on my own.

Everything is a bit confusing right now.  I guess I will just take it one step at a time and hope that it all works out.

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