Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pi Beta Phi Convention 2015 - Part 1

I have been back home from Chicago for over a week.  It was truly an awesome time spent with all of my Pi Phi sisters.

Day 1 started with travelling to the Edmonton airport and catching my flight to Chicago.  I was halfway there when I realized I never put my FitBit back on after my shower.  Oh well, I wish I could have seen how many steps I was getting each day travelling around the hotel - but it was not worth going back home to grab (although I would have had time).

Of course I realized once I got to the airport that I would go through customs in Calgary.  So I had an hour and 15 min to debark the plane, grab my suitcase, go through customs, go through security, and get on my plane to Chicago.  I made it, but they were loading Zone 4 (the last passengers at the front of the plane, including my seat) when I got to the gate.

Landed in Chicago about 6:30 pm and found a member of our collegiate chapter waiting for her luggage as well.  We took the shuttle together to the hotel.  Once I was checked in I grabbed a salad and some fruit and hung out in our room.  My roommate arrived soon after I got settled.  Apparently at past conventions they would mix up the room assignments, but for the most part us Alberta girls were all placed together.  I shared a room with the president of our Chapter House Corporation, whom I know pretty well as I am the secretary on CHC and we were active members of Pi Phi at the same time.

Day 2 I woke up and leisurely got ready for my day.  Grabbed some Chobani yogurt and a muffin for breakfast.  I went to registration and got my tote bag and convention information.  Found Pi Phi Express and bought a couple of shirts, a necklace, and a key chain.  Then I met up with the group going on the artchitectural boat tour of Chicago.

It was drizzling rain and I wish I had an umbrella.  This really nice woman from Alabama named Linda bought us both plastic ponchos.  I took a million pictures of all the awesome buildings.  When we got back to hotel it was time to change for dinner.  After dinner we headed into our first General Session.  By the time we finished that I just crawled into bed and slept.

Those first couple of nights were the ones where I got the most sleep.  Apparently Convention is not about getting your beauty rest.

I will continue the rest of my trip in the next couple of posts . . .

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