Monday, March 5, 2012

My New Wheels

On Thursday my husband and I are going to pick up our new vehicle !

I have posted a couple of times about the issues with my old car. It was a 2003 Grand Am and in the past year I have fixed valve #5 on the cylinder head, the brakes, the alternator, the fan for the heat, and valve #2 . . . . that last one was on Feb 9. Then on Feb 17, on my way to work, the typical car vibrating, engine slowing down and service engine light flashing happened again. I took it in on the Saturday and they looked at it on Tuesday (Monday was a holiday). This time it was valve #4. Needed a new cylinder head. It would cost over $3000 dollars - and the car was not worth it.

So I have been taking the bus since Feb 17. We managed to do some research and look at a few cars. Finally settled on a 2008 Santa Fe. Got a pretty great financing package and some help with the down payment from my parents (who are the best!). I can't wait to go pick it up.


  1. We went through something similar about a year and a half ago. Our PT Cruiser was costing us between 500 and 1000 dollars every 4-6 months in repairs. We finally got to the point where we just couldn't justify dumping any more money into it. We bought our 'new' car and never looked back...

  2. well hey there. Saw your comment on my blog so thought I would check you out girl. Loves me some new cars....except that I am hoping my next new car will be an old one - I am a conundrum don't ask- , but it will be new to me. Anyway, hope you are driving around in style very soon....and now I mist stalk your blog. Sorry this is how that works :)...and apparently I have to post with my google account because it isn't letting me register my wordpress one. so now I might confuse you more. sorry.