Monday, June 18, 2012

And now we return to our regularily scheduled program . . .

Well I am back at work.  I was actually getting bored working from home last week, so this is a good thing.

I still have the cast on my left foot.  The ankle is apparently healing well but the ortho doc told me to keep weight off it for another two weeks (until June 28) and then walk on it for another two weeks (until July 12) and then make an appt to see her at her office downtown.  Hopefully at that point I can get rid of the cast for good.  I know I am lucky that it is an air cast that I can take off and on (well just for showering), but it is really hard to get comfortable at work and sleeping with the bulky contraption.

I also went for a follow-up appt with my surgeon on Friday.  He took the last remaining steri-strips off my incisions.  Even better he removed the drain.  Now that was a weird feeling but it did not hurt.  This has definitely made it easier to sleep.

Apparently losing your appetite, and then being placed on NPO (nothing by mouth, so not being able to eat or drink anything at all), and then every once in a while getting to eat/drink only clear fluids - helps you lose weight. 

I have been careful and taking it easy since I got home from the hospital and was finally able to go back to eating anything I wanted.  I was also trying to watch what I ate before I ended up in the hospital, because it would have been so easy to gain weight with my broken ankle and spending most of my time on the couch.

I know I weighed myself on May 16 and I was back up to 322.2 pounds - the same weight I recorded on January 6 when I kind of started to getting healthy again.  On May 25, after the long weekend when I had no appetite (most likely the start of my gallbladder issues), I was down to 309.8.  I just weighed myself on June 16 and I am now at 297.0.  Back under 300 - and a total of 25.2 pounds lost in a month.  

Definitely not the way I would suggest to lose weight, but it did kick start me to watch my portions and what I am putting in my mouth.  In July (once the cast is off) I hope to be able to go back to the gym.

My next small goals would be first to weigh 290, as that was where I was at March 25, 2011 before I left Weight Watchers for the second time.  The next goal is 10% of my starting weight gone - so 289.  Very close to one another, so really just focusing on the 10%.

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