Tuesday, January 8, 2013

'I'll Be There For You"

Ah "Friends" - I loved (still love) that television show.  In fact I watched a bit of an episode last night.  The One Where Phoebe Runs.  Seeing Rachel let go and run like a child still makes me smile. 

I have awesome friends.  IRL and Online. 

When I first staring writing about all that was happening with my marriage, I got a lot of supportive responses.  Some were comments here on my blog.  Some were comments on the journal I had on an online community. 

Christmas was hard, and awkward, but also not all bad.  I left for Edmonton on Saturday, and spent most of the bus ride snoozing or texting my best friends. 

My husband drove up on Christmas Eve after work.  He finally pulled into my parents driveway around 7:45pm.  He worked until 3:00, and then packed the car and made the 300km drive north.  I still think he could have planned better.  Either by talking to his boss a week or so before Christmas and letting him know that he had to leave by 12:00pm.  He had banked hours, I am sure they would have been accommodating.  But if he had to work until 3:00pm, so be it, he should have been ready to hit the road at 3:00pm, not 4:00pm.  Oh well. 

Traditionally we open presents on Christmas Eve after a nice, special dinner.  This year we cooked up meat and veggies on hot stones.  The gifting part was rushed because my husband was running late and my almost 89 year old grandmother was tired and needed to get back to her place by 9:00/9:30pm. 

I was spoiled, as usual, but part of me wanted to return the "us" gifts and exchange them for things that "I" need like new clothes.  A bit selfish on my part.  I just worry that we will never get a chance to play our new games together.  It was my favourite part of getting together with the old gang of Calgary people. Playing games like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Dominion, Peurto Rico, Power Grid etc.

Christmas Dinner was epic and delicious as usual.  My husband and brothers stayed up to watch World Junior Hockey.  The next day my husband packed up and left for home.

A part of me was actually glad to see him leave.  I missed him, sure, but it was awkward when he was there.

I managed to get together with my friends on Saturday afternoon.  They had great advice and perspective.  They let me talk and cry and just be me.  They were supportive.

I'm not sure what happens now, but I need to find a way to move back home.  Back to my fellow weight loss warriors.  Back to laughing over nothing and getting together to watch guilty television.  Back to being able to just get together for coffee and conversation and hugs anytime I want.

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  1. Well hugs to you Ren,
    Glad you had some time with your friends and family.