Monday, September 23, 2013

10% Goal - Accomplished !!

I did it ! 

This Saturday at my Weight Watchers meeting I lost another 2.9 pounds (over the past two weeks), for a total of 32.8 pounds lost since November 17.  This meant that I had finally reached my 10% goal (as in 10% of my original weight has been lost). 

It took me longer this time around. There is nothing wrong with that.  This is the biggest difference between my WW 1.0 and WW 2.0 journeys.  I am allowing myself a few more treats, and to be a little less rigid, so the weight is coming off a bit slower.  It keeps me saner to do it this way. 

Admittedly I would like to lose 52 pounds by November 16 - so that would be an average of 1 pound per week over the past year.  More likely I will lose another 6 to 10 pounds, since that date is only 8 weeks away. 

My next goal is to get to 272 pounds.  Perhaps around November 17, but I don't really have a date set.  This will mean that I will weigh less than I did in all of 2010, and less than what I weighed at my wedding. 

In order to accomplish this goal, I am going to go for a walk everyday.  The temperature has dropped into averages for Fall, but it is still nice in the evenings.  I should really take advantage of this.  Yesterday I walked to the grocery store and back instead of driving to pick up something my mom forgot.


  1. Wow, this really is an incredible accomplishment -- good for you!! You're doing everything right, in terms of your attitude and your actions, and we should all strive to be like you in this regard.

    (And, by 'we' I mean ME! ...... My attitude needs a major overhaul, as I tend to be my own worst enemy.)

  2. That is a great accomplishment Karen!