Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday's Top Five - Things I Did This Summer

I can’t believe that summer is almost over.  It’s been mostly great, with me settling back into Edmonton and getting to spend more time with my friends and family.  Six months after moving back I can say that I am happier and healthier. 

So here are the top five things I did this summer: 

5.  Spent many hours with my fictional, 2-D friends   

Television has been like a warm, comfortable blanket this summer.  To start off with I re-watched the whole series of The West Wing.  I had forgotten how much I loved this show, especially the first 4 seasons where Aaron Sorkin was the writer and executive producer, and the last season with the election as well as Josh & Donna finally getting together. 

My youngest brother actually watched many of the episodes with me.  Then we watched season 1 of The Newsroom (and have now also watched season 2).  I also updated my Netflix account; which lead to me watching Orange Is the New Black, Homeland, Dexter and now Breaking Bad. 
As well, I had my usual diet of summer shows, including So You Think You Can Dance and Big Brother 

I love escaping into a television series.  This also reminds me that I still need to borrow Downton Abby from Dani.   

4.  Improved myself/continued to move forward 

Since the beginning of May I have lost almost 12 pounds (and I am pretty sure as of tomorrow it will be more).  I bought a pedometer and have been trying to reach at least 6,000 steps each day.  I started there and am working towards reaching 10,000 steps a day.   

With moving back to Edmonton, I started a new position at my company.  I have been learning new tasks all summer long.  My boss let me know that the controller thinks I am doing a good job with the mid-month and end of month accounting.  I also was given positive feedback at my 3 month review in July. 

I spoke to the instructor for my online course – and I am doing well and ahead of schedule.  I really need to plan out time to work on my lessons a little bit each night.
3. Spent time with my awesome 3-D, real life friends

 Kristine and I have gone on a couple of shopping trips.  I had a lot of fun the day we tried on a million clothes and I ended up buying 3 new dresses for less than $60.00.  

Dani hosted a girl’s night at her home.  I went to Sherwood Park to pick up Bonnie and then travelled across the city of Edmonton.  We only got a little lost, and only because we were talking too much that I missed the turn off plus I didn’t set my GPS on my phone.  The other women scrapbooked while I ate fruit and chatted.  It was super fun. 

2.  Enjoyed my favourite summer combination - fire, food and fine company

Jo and her husband hosted an awesome BBQ/Pot Luck at their home June 29.  I got to spend time with most of the old high school gang plus their husbands and children.  At the end of the night we built a fire and stayed up way too late. 

There were also a couple of Saturday nights where I drove the whole 5 min over to Jo's house and spent time around the fire pit.  Dani & her husband were there too once, the other time it was just me (a bit of a reward after a walk up a hill and down a million steps).   

At the end of July my company had their annual summer BBQ.  It was out at the Ponoka Fish and Wildlife Association's camp facility.  I was one of the few that spent the night in my new little tent on my wonderful new cot.  That night there was a huge thunderstorm (but I was warm and dry).

1.  Travelled to my parent’s fantastic dwelling in Victoria.

I love that house.  I spent many hours reading on the upper deck.  Went for long walks down to the beach (the hill in front of the house is a BITCH).  Watched cruise ships, naval vessels, float
planes, cargo ships and the ferries coming in and out of the port.  Went to Ogden Point and saw jellyfish.  I ate the most the delicious pizza.  We all helped my grandma finish a puzzle.  I relaxed and just drank in the view and the ocean air.  I wish I could live there.




  1. Sounds like a full and enjoyable summer. TV was also big part of my summer... via the library and my dvr. Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Boardwalk Empire... a wonderful way to lose yourself for a while.

  2. What a difference a year makes -- this post makes me happy, simply because YOU are so much happier!

  3. Put that way, you sure accomplished a lot! I love to see you happy again!