Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Goals for 36

Nine days ago I turned 36.  So far it has been pretty good.  We had a nice Thanksgiving weekend with way too much good food.  Except mashed potatoes for dinner on Sunday.  Somehow no one noticed that we did not boil potatoes.  How can you tell that my ex and my cousin's husband were not there?  Both of them love potatoes.  Only my mom missed having them (as an excuse to have more gravy).  I made potatoes for her last night when we had all the leftovers for dinner.

I am super thankful for my friends and family this year.  Without them I do not know how I would have got through the separation and move back to Edmonton. 

I have decided to set some goals for my 36th year.  While I am happy that I am losing weight, and continue to do so, I know that I can do better.  I need to get off my lazy arse and stop spending hours in front of the television every night.  I also need to stop making Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) a free for all where I eat whatever I want.  I know that I would see more movement on the scale, as well as with my measurements, if I just moved more and ate less.

I also want to make progress with my online course.  I bought some supplies to help me study.  Now I just need to complete the Microsoft Office portion of the course and move on to Office Procedures.

My big goal for this year is to complete the last couple of tasks so that I can file for divorce.  I really want to be free and clear of everything that tied me to my ex.  I actually want to get this all done before the end of 2013.

So here is a list of my goals:

1.  Exercise for at least 30 min everyday. 

2.  Record what I eat and calculate the WW points everyday.

3.  Work on my online course for 30 to 60 minutes everyday.

4.  Make appointments/phone calls/emails/research etc to be able to file for divorce

I am going to track my progress and provide you all with updates on Tuesdays.  This will help keep me accountable.  I will also be able to reinforce my forward momentum on my goals. 

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  1. Terrific goals -- you have a great attitude, and I know you'll achieve all of them.