Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekly Update on Goals and Getting Healthy

Last week I blogged about goals that I wanted to accomplish.

By the time I got home last Tuesday, my throat was on fire.  Wednesday I started sneezing.  Thursday I added a cough into the mix.  I missed work on Friday and spent the whole weekend on the couch hacking up a lung and going through a box of tissues.

Still I did manage a bit of forward momentum.

On Wednesday I logged back into my SparkPeople account.  I have decided that I am going to use SP and WW to achieve my weight loss goals.  I love the support of the teams and the members on SP, as well as the way they reward you for being more involved.  They give you points for everything you do on the website.  It's like the gold stars I used to get for reading in grade 2, or leveling up in a video game.

I also love how SP is free (although WW online is now included in the monthly pass).  Plus there is an abundance of information about how to be healthier.

In review of my post about "Fitness Goals for 2013"and the post about "Pinterest Ideas", I have completed a couple of items:

 - Right after my birthday I took my measurements.  I will take them every month around the 5th going forward.  I have not taken any "before" pictures yet, but I will this weekend. 

 - I have not set up my Wii exercise games, once my cold is gone I will do this.

 - I have not joined a gym.  I still want to go to Aquafit classes, but the closest pool to my house is under maintenance for the Fall.  I tried to go with Kristine to another facility, but she is busy almost every night during the week.  I will come back to this later.

 - I never really used my brother's recumbent bike and then he moved it back into his bedroom.  I am going to focus on the Wii and walking right now, and see if he will move it later.

 - I bought a WW pedometer before my trip to Victoria.  I reached 10,000 steps a day a couple of times.  I have gone back to wearing it everyday again.  My first goal it to reach 6,000 steps everyday, consistently.  I am also thinking about getting the Spark Activity Tracker - as it would sync to my computer and enter my fitness info directly into SP.

 - I set up two jars with glass stones in them - one for weight lost and one for weight still to lose.

 - I have made a few new healthy recipes.  Some were hits and some were misses.

As for my other, non fitness goals, I completed a lesson for my online course last night while watching tv.  I also chatted with my ex yesterday and he is going to figure out how to transfer the Scotiabank credit card balance into his name before the next bill is due at the end of Nov.

Actually when I write it all out like this, I have made a lot of progress.

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