Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weekly Update - Oct 24 to Oct 30

It's been a pretty good week. 

At my WW weigh-in on Oct 26 I was down 2.6  pounds (over the past two weeks as I missed Oct 19 because of my cold). 

I was better at tracking my food, but Saturday in particular was still difficult.  I made chocolate chip cookies with my cousins and then ate two of them.  I had another two after dinner, which was pasta & sausage.  I also could have made better choices on Sunday.  I did take healthy snacks to the movies, but then I also had a few handfuls of caramel popcorn.  Even today, I caved and had a small piece of the birthday cake for the October birthdays (including mine). 

I set up one of my exercise games on my brother's Wii - The Biggest Loser Challenge.  I completed 10 min yesterday and 20 min today. 

I have been wearing my pedometer most days, I just need to remember to pause it when I get in a car or on the bus.

I will keep working at it everyday. 

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