Monday, November 4, 2013

Top Five - Childhood Toys

I really need to get organized so that I am posting these on Friday's.

One of the reasons I love Pinterest is that I can find pictures of a lot of my favourite toys as a child.  When I was 18, the summer after my first year of University, my parents developed the basement of our house.  The first step in this process was to clean up the basement.  Of course it had become a catch all for everything we no longer used, including all my childhood toys. We ended up having a huge garage sale and sold most of the toys and books.  It's not that I wish I had all of the toys back, I just wish I had took some pictures to remind me of what I played with as a child.

So here is a list of my Top 5 favourites:

5.  My Little Pony

I had the nursery and the castle and a whole bunch of ponies.  I think I had some of the sea ponies too that went in the bathtub.

4.  Strawberry Shortcake

I loved the little pets that came with the dolls.  I also had a bunch of furniture sets and the Berry Bakeshop. 

3.  Fisher Price Kitchen Set

I had the stove and the sink.  I also had a bunch of rubber food, but not sure who it was made by, but it was very realistic.

2.  Fisher Price Little People

I do wish I had kept some of these.  The new ones are not the same at all.

1.  Cabbage Patch Dolls

These are something that I saved from the garage sale.  I think I have about 13.  There is the first one I got in Christmas of 1983, my parents finally got their hands on one thanks to a neighbour.  I also had twins, a girl from Holland, one with cornsilk hair my mom would put in rollers, one that could go in the bathtub, a newborn, a preemie, a toddler, and one that talked.

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  1. You can find a lot of these on Ebay. Thanks for sharing! My favorite were Fisher Price little wooden people, I had a country house, school house and garage. Wish I would have saved them!!