Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weekly Update: Oct 31 to Nov 5

I am really starting to get a nice schedule going, well at least for the week days.  I need to stop being so lazy and counter productive on the weekends.

November 2 was WW Weigh-in day.  I was down another 1.4 pounds for a total of 34.6 pounds lost since Nov 16, 2012. 

That is 4.6 pounds in the last 3 weeks - which is an average of 1.53 pounds a week.  Much, much better than the average of 0.7 pounds/week that I had over the past year.

I did the BLC on the Wii on Friday, and was up and down handing out candy to kids on Thursday.  Then I did no exercise over the weekend.  Not good.  I walked from the LRT to the office yesterday, and did a bunch of tidying up/dishes - but nothing more than that on Monday.  Tonight I am determined to do my 20min.

I finished a module for my online course, and I am one chapter away from finishing another.  I have been trying to finish a chapter each evening.  Even so, I am a bit behind.  My adviser asked me to call her, and I know it is because she is concerned I might not make the goal of finishing the Microsoft Office and Office Procedures sections by Nov 21.  I can do it if I work a little harder.

My ex and I have chatted a couple of times in the past few weeks.  I asked him to get his shit together and figure out a way to transfer the balance of the Scotiabank credit card into his name.  He said he would, so I guess I just have to see if he will actually get it done.  It was weird because we had not spoke since the end of July, and in truth I am happier when we don't talk.  I really have nothing to say to him.  It's been almost 10 months since we separated and part of me is counting down the days until I can file for divorce. 

My parents are in Victoria right now.  Lucky them, as it snowed on Saturday evening/Sunday morning and we are definitely in winter now.  Not much planned for the next week except taking care of my grandma.


  1. Great job with the weight loss! I am curious why you haven't filed for divorce yet......just something you may want to do asap just to be done with it.

    1. You need to be separated for a year to be able to file for divorce. Even with the infidelity, they would not grant the divorce until we have been separated a year.

  2. Ugh....that's a drag!! When I got divorced (in the states), I had to wait 3 months. Similar situation to you, short marriage, no kids.
    Hang in there!