Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weekly Update: Jan 1 to Jan 7

So I basically took a couple of weeks off from weight loss.  I still tried to eat relatively healthy, but I did not deny myself from the delicious food of the holidays.  I also did not exercise (besides long walks while shopping) during Christmas/New Year's.

I missed one WW meeting - the one on Dec 28.  I could have gone but I forgot to set my alarm and I slept in, so I was back on Jan 4.

Weight Watchers Weigh-In:

Original Weight: 314.8
Previous Weight (Dec 21): 274.0
Today's Weight (Jan 4): 273.6
Change: -0.4
Total Loss: -41.2

Total Loss since May 2012: -48.6
Total Loss since Nov 2005: -62.8

SP Weigh In
Previous Weight (Dec 28):  272.2
Today's Weight (Jan 4):  271.0

So I actually saw a loss at WW - whoohoo !!  Back on track and I hope to see more movement on the scale this week.  I just need to plan for Friday as we are having our company Christmas party (after Christmas party?  Winter party?) with the Edmonton & Calgary offices.  We are going to Gateway Lanes to bowl and play laser tag.  Then we have Tres Carnales bringing in delicious tacos.  My goal is to not over eat and drink lots of water and be active. 

I also looked up the recreation centre and YMCA Aquafit schedules.  I think I will plan to go to a class at both the Jamie Platz and Peter Hemmingway pools and decide which I like better.  The YMCA would be closer to home, but I used to go to the Rec Centre when I lived in the Westmount area and I really enjoyed it there.

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