Friday, January 3, 2014

What I Did on Winter Vacation - Part II

The next part of the holidays did involve me going to work - but only for a day and a half.

I missed my WW meeting on Dec 28 - mostly because I forgot to set my alarm and I just slept in.  Oh well, I will be back to weekly meetings on Saturdays starting Jan 4.

That evening I went out for dinner with my parents and grandmother, just as we do every Saturday.  I should have got a salad, but the beef dip was calling my name.  I think I was punished for my bad food choice.  Everyone else got their dinner, and the waitress (who was new), did not key in my meal.  So I had to wait about 10min after everyone else.  Second time in a row that Joey's messed up an order.  Last time they forgot the chicken on my mom's pasta.  Just like last time, they took the meal off the bill and the manager came over and apologized.  The food is always delicious and the servers are nice - otherwise I think we would stop going there, lol.

Sunday is was snowing lightly.  I met up with Kristine for a movie.  Passed three accidents on my way to the theatre.  Maybe I should have stayed home?  Oh well.  I just took it slow and it was fine.  Unlike the trucks that insist on going the speed limit or faster.

Monday I had to go to work.  Finished up all the month end accounting and made it balance.  My cousin and her husband and two daughters arrived that afternoon.

Tuesday I only had to work a half day.  When I got home we did a bunch of tidying up, and then my parents had two couples over for New Year's Eve.  We ate lamb braised in red wine & figs with roasted veggies.  Cindy brought a bread pudding made with Ferrero Rocher chocolates - mmmmm so good.  We stayed up to ring in the new year, and drank and played Uno Extreme.  I won three games.

Everyone stayed the night - so I ended up sleeping on the futon in the basement living room.  Not bad, but it was a harder surface than I am used to.

After breakfast everyone left (well after lunch for the cousins), and we had Grandma over for dinner again.  It was Wednesday but it felt like Sunday.

Thursday and Friday I have been back to a regular work schedule.  The last two days that I can use one of the parking spaces behind the office.

Overall it was a great couple of weeks.  Now I just need to get back on the program.  I will have a post with a review of 2013 shortly, along with another one with goals for 2014.  I hope everyone else had a fabulous holiday season!

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  1. Uno Extreme?? I admit I am intrigued by this......

    I think a game night at our place might be in order some time soon.