Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekly Update: March 12 to 18

Not much to update on the weight loss front as I did not go to my WW meeting on March 15.

It was my mom's birthday and we took her out for dinner on Friday night.  It was my parents, my two younger brothers, the girlfriend of one brother, and myself.  We went to Vivo - the same place we went for my birthday in October - and had copious amounts of delicious, family-style Italian food.

Saturday was my mom's actual birthday - but little brother #1 (the one with the girlfriend) was going skiing in Banff with some buddies, so we stuck to our normal routine of taking my grandmother out for dinner.  Little brother #2 actually came out with us (he normally stays home) and we went to Chili's and had delicious fajitas.

Sunday night we made my mom a dark chocolate tart for dessert and roast chicken with snap peas, squash, mashed potatoes and dressing for dinner.

Surprisingly I did not gain 10 pounds, and I might actually be down a little bit at my WW meeting this week.  Even if I end up staying the same or gaining a bit - I will call it a win.

Where I have made good progress is with getting divorced.  I spoke to a paralegal last night and he drew up the Statement of Claim for Divorce.  He will file next week at the courthouse and then the STBX (soon to be ex) will go into their Calgary office to be served.  Then I receive the papers, sign them, and send them back with a copy of my marriage certificate.  Then I just have to wait for the Affidavit to be signed by a judge - and my divorce will be finalized.  That should take 3 to 6 months.

I think I will need to have a party once I get a copy of the final divorce papers.

I admit, I am a little sad.  Mostly I just want to get this all over with so that I have no reason to talk to my STBX anymore.  Again I am thankful we did not have any children, so that I can actually cut him out of my life forever.

The other change on the horizon is that sometime this spring/summer my youngest brother and I will be moving into a condo together.  We have asked our parent's real estate agent to start looking for available places, plus I have been looking at the MLS listings online.  We want at least a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath condo in an area that will be convenient to take transit to downtown.  Our budget is around 200,000 to 250,000 - depending on condo fees and what those include.  We are not afraid of something that needs some work (floors, paint, new cupboards, etc) as my brother is really handy and I can help as well.  It just needs good bones.

So I should be living on my own (well mostly, little brother #2 will be there) and divorced and settled by my birthday in October.  Hopefully I will also have lost 30 to 40 pounds by then as well - and be that much closer to my weight loss goal.  The future is bright.

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  1. I can't believe how long it takes to get divorced in Canada! Mine took 4 months from when I moved out until it was final. I am glad you are moving on with life. After my divorce (many years ago, I have re-married), my brother and I bought a small house for $104K. We lived in it for 5 years, fixed it up and sold it for $157K. Good times! Congrats and keep at it.