Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Keep, Donate/Sell, or Toss

So we are moving right along with getting our parent's house ready to sell.  My youngest brother cleared out the extra room in the basement (that used to be his older brother's), and moved all his stuff in there.  Then he repaired his walls, primed and painted them, and removed & painted the baseboards.  New carpet (just for his room) is being installed tomorrow.

I cleaned out my closet (ended up with three bags of clothing that was too big for me) and my armoire and my secretary desk.  Now we can move the bedside tables and the bed and make the room presentable for showing perspective buyers.

There is a pile of stuff in the basement that needs to be boxed up and shipped to the storage room.  Mostly items for the garage sale. 

We did end up taking my bedroom furniture and a whole bunch of boxes to the storage room on Sunday.  Who knew that my armoire would fit in the back of my vehicle? 

Now the storage room in my parent's basement is organized and my mom can clean up before putting the house up for sale. 

I figure we have one more big trip out to the storage facility next weekend.

My divorce papers should be filed by the paralegal to the judge in Calgary this week.  In a weird coincidence my STBX messaged me through Google Chat last Wednesday.  All he got was a few one word answers from me.  I had no reason to talk with him.  It did not seem like he messaged me for any other reason than to check up and see how I was doing.  He seemed to eventually get the message that I was not going to tell him anything about my life.  He is no longer a part of it.

Our realtor showed us some more places last Thursday.  I really liked a couple of them, especially the one that had a nice sized kitchen, 2 full bathrooms upstairs, and an unfinished basement - that was in the Glastonbury area.  I wanted to show my parents but I have not heard back from our realtor.  I guess if it is sold than it was not meant to be.  I do have some other places that I would be interested in seeing.  There is also a great interest rate offer from our mortgage broker until June 7.  I just want to get this all settled.  My dad is dragging his heals a bit because he doesn't want to co-sign (well his accountant actually), but we need him to, and my mom understands that.  Sigh.

Work life has slowed down a little.  Just have month-end accounting on my plate right now.

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