Monday, May 26, 2014

When Plateaus Strike

The Weight Watchers Weekly from April 27 to May was all about plateaus.  I found this a bit funny as I missed that meeting, and I was on a bit of a plateau at the time.

According to WW, a plateau is when the scale won't budge for several weeks in a row while following the Plan.  They can happen as your body adjusts to a lower weight, but they usually come from relaxing good habits - skipping measuring or tracking or moving less. 

There are a few suggestions about how to get unstuck:

1.  Back to Basics
 - look up PointsPlus values for everything and measure portions
 - focus on Good Health Guidelines

2.  Exercise More

3.  Eat more Power Foods
 - use the Simply Filling technique or go on Simple Start

I have already started to work on this by not going crazy overboard on the weekend.  On Saturday mornings I bring a healthy breakfast to my WW meeting.  Then I run errands, go shopping etc.  When I get back home I eat a healthy lunch.  My downfall is still Saturday night dinner.  My parents take out my grandmother every week and I often go with them.  I have a hard time picking healthier food options when I am presented with all the delicious choices on the menu.  I think I honestly need to stay home and make dinner for myself more often.

Friday nights are when I go bowling with Kristine.  Lately there has been a lot of evenings/weekends where I am packing and moving boxes.  I just need to take advantage of the spring/summer and get out there in the evenings for a walk.  Once I move into my own place, I plan on joining the gym.  I had real success with working out every morning.

If I would just take the few minutes each day to track my food and plan my meals I am sure I would see more movement on the scale.  I am good about making healthy breakfasts and lunches.  My family has dinner cooking when I get home from work, and for the most part this is healthy, but I need to watch the portions.  Actually measuring my food would help.

I am going to BUST THIS PLATEAU !!!

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