Thursday, May 15, 2014

Update: April 9 to May 14

It has been a crazy month (see previous post).  I was really proud of myself to reach my 50 pounds loss goal - but after that I have hit a bit of a plateau.

April 12 I missed my WW meeting, April 19 I stayed the same, April 26 I was down 0.8, and then I missed May 3. I stayed the same at the May 10 weigh in.  Then on my home scale this week I have been up about 2 pounds (mostly water weight as it is that time of the month).

I really want to get back to going to the gym in the mornings - but I am waiting until I am moved into my new place so I can go somewhere close to home.  Ideally this would be Spa Lady on the south side.  I loved going there when I loss the weight on WW the first time.

The weather has warmed up considerably and I no longer have an excuse for not getting out there and enjoying some fresh air in the evenings after dinner.  I think I need to schedule a time (such as 7:00pm) and just get off my arse and go.

Some form of exercise would definitely help me see some movement on the scale.  Plus I would feel better just getting up and moving around.

Bowling on Friday nights is a good start to moving more.  I also have been helping to move things around our house as my parents get ready to list it for sale.

My next job is to clean out my closet and move the boxes to the storage room until I find a place to live.  It is nice to find that I have a bunch of clothes that do not fit anymore.

I know that over the past couple of weekends (Tim's birthday, Mother's Day, etc) I have been enjoying eating a lot of good food and I have not been tracking what I am eating.  I was doing well with planning for the weekend, and I just need to get back to doing that, starting with this weekend.  

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