Monday, July 21, 2014

Camping and other stuff

Life is busy and just keeps moving along at a super fast pace.  Here is a random list of stuff that is going on with me:

 - I finished the boot camp/workshop for Business Communications.  I got 76% on the first test and 84% on the second test for a total mark of 80%.  Not bad but I could have done better on the first test.

 - my co-worker with Lupus ended up in the hospital again.  She has pneumonia and an infection in her heart.  She is just not doing well this year.  Please send her all your well wishes.

 - the furnace and ducts are being cleaned at my new house today.  My youngest brother/roommate is also going to do a bit of cleaning.

 - we are going to move a bunch of the boxes in on Saturday (July 26) with the help of my awesome friends and my youngest brother

 - my other brother gets back from New Brunswick on July 28, on July 29 we have a truck rented and we will move all the heavy stuff (couches, my armoire, etc).  We also have the new mattresses delivered that day.

 - I found a couple of pictures and a new duvet cover set to put in my bedroom

 - just got back from the company BBQ at Pigeon Lake.  I camped over night on Saturday.  There was some rain, but I also got way too much sun yesterday.  We ate a lot of delicious food, had a few drinks, played bocce ball, had a couple of campfires, and just had a fabulous time.  I am super tired and a little sore today.

 - I am now in the process of changing my address in a million and one places.  Started with setting up the mail forwarding with Canada Post

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  1. I look forward to seeing pictures of your new place!