Friday, July 4, 2014

We Got The House !!

I now have a new place to live and should be moved in by the end of July.  

It was funny - after realizing that we still had not got confirmation of the seller's finances for her new place (it was a condition of the sale) - we gave her two more days, until end of day today, to get everything sorted out with her bank.

So then my dad and I decided to cover our bases and started looking around at what else was out there. After dinner yesterday we went out for a drive to the north part of the city to see how close homes were to amenities and transit.  Actually saw a good possibility/back-up plan house right behind the Eaux Claires transit station.  

We got home around 8:30pm.  By 9:30pm the realtor's office had called and it was confirmed that the conditions were removed and the duplex is ours!  No need to consider finding a new place after all.  Now we just need to sign paperwork and visit the lawyer, and sign more paperwork, etc.

Possession should be July 18.  We need to have someone clean the ducts, and we will clean the carpets. My one brother is in New Brunswick until the 28 - so we are looking at moving from July 29 to Aug 1.  Well, I guess some of the moving could be done the weekend before on July 26 and 27.  

My dad, and sometimes my mom, will be staying with us every second week or so until May.  He will continue to cover the nursing homes that he has now.  That way he can pull in some extra dollars, mostly to help pay for a private home for my grandmother out in Victoria.

I am SO SO SO excited !!!!