Thursday, October 9, 2014

Goals for 37

Looking back over the past year I realize that I have accomplished a lot, even if it was not exactly part of my goals for the year I was 36.

I lost 28 pounds.  I wish that number was higher, but at least I did lose weight and the scale is moving in the right direction.  If I was not going to Weight Watchers meetings and participating on Sparkpeople online, that number would definitely be different.  I could just have easily gained 28 pounds (or more) over the past year.

I am more than halfway completed in my online course.  There are 18 different modules and I have finished 9 and I am working on the 10th.  I got 97% in Customer Service (that was a boot camp), 80% in Business Communication (76% on the first part and 84% on the second - and this was a workshop), and in Office Procedures I got 98% on the first 4 chapters, and 96% on the next 4 chapters and I am now studying chapters 9-15.  All the MS Office modules were online assessments and I completed them 100%.

Over the summer I found and moved into my new house.  All of the boxes are unpacked, but I do need to organize my room, especially the closet.  We also packed and moved my parents out of their home of the past 29 years and then moved my grandmother out to Victoria as well.  So much work, but it was all worth it.

The divorce is finalized.  I have only spoke to my EH a few times over the past year, and most of those communications were quick instant messages or emails about the divorce proceedings. Weirdly, he wished me a happy birthday on Monday, but I just deleted the email without a response.

Now I want to make some goals for my year as a 37 year old.

1.  I need to exercise more.  Whether that means Wii games or videos at home or the gym or classes  at the rec centre/YMCA - it doesn't matter.  I will start by making a plan and scheduling exercise.  Maybe a reward system for doing a certain number of days a week?

2.  To go along with the exercise, I need to eat better.  I want to make sure I am tracking most of what I am putting in my mouth.  I am much better at not going overboard on the weekends.  Now I just need to continue and make sure that I stick to my WW points.

3.  I will continue to work on my online course.  I want to finish the course work by May/June so that I can complete my 4 week practicum and get my diploma.

4.  Once my course is done I will take the next big step and find a new job as a legal administrator.

5.  I want to put myself out there again and start dating.  I have an online dating profile, with eHarmony, but I have not really done anything with it lately.  I also want to look at some of the MeetUp groups in Edmonton.  If I put some effort in I think I could at least make some new friends.

6.  Ultimately, whether I find someone to spend my life with or not, I want to start saving/looking into being a Single Mother By Choice.  I really want to have a child.  I have no problem with using a sperm donor, but I know that I need to be healthier and to make more money (hence goals 1 through 4).  It probably won't happen this year, but I want to put the gears in motion for next year.

I know that these are achievable goals.  I just need to make some plans and be more dedicated instead of procrastinating.


  1. Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best in moving forward in your goals. Sounds like you are focusing on the positive. Do give yourself credit without diminishing it. You have done a lot in the past year and it all takes time. Get out there and be the best you, let your light shine! :)

  2. All good goals! Like Jamie said, give yourself some credit for what you have achieved!