Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me !!

Another year has passed and I am now 37 years young.  Well actually I will be 37 as of 9:00pm tonight.  My youngest brother Greg will turn 30 tomorrow.  Yes, he is 7 years and 5 hours younger than me.  It was a little frustrating when I wanted to have birthday parties, as Greg would have the closest Saturday to his birthday without it being Thanksgiving, and I would end up having my party up to two weeks before or after my actual birthday.  Other than that it was neat having a sibling with a birth date one day later (it was almost the same day as he was born at 2:00am).

I had a few of my friends over on Saturday afternoon to celebrate.  It was also a chance to show off the new home.  On top of that, I was also commemorating that I am actually divorced with papers in hand.  Lots of great reasons to have people over.

There is a part of me that wishes I was still closer to 30 than 40.  Since I do not have a magic youth elixir, I will just have to enjoy being 37.  I am looking back on the goals I set for my 36th year, here they are for a refresher:  Goals for 36

Well, I slacked on the exercise.  I was playing my Wii exercise games for a while.  Then there was bowling on Wednesday nights.  I want to check out the Terwillegar Rec Centre for an aquasize class (or the YMCA, Dani we should do this together).  I have lots of room for the Wii again, so I should pull out the games.

I don't have an excuse for not recording what I eat, except laziness.  The SP and WW apps are on my phone.  I can also access both websites from my computers at work and home.  I was doing it a bit last week, and finding places like milk in my coffee where I was being sloppy.

With my online course - I finished two sections with bootcamps.  I have finished the MS section as well.  I wrote two tests on the first 8 chapters of Office Procedures.  I just need to continue to read and make notes while I am watching tv in the evenings.

The goal that I actually achieved was getting divorced.  It feels great to be able to put all that behind me and never look back.

I will post my new goals for 37 later this week.

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  1. Yay for being single again!! As someone 10 years older than you, just enjoy the age you are - it's only a number after all. Happy Belated Birthday!