Monday, July 28, 2014

With A Little Help From My Friends

On Saturday a couple of loads of boxes were moved into my new place.  My brother and I got help from my friends.  We packed up two SUVs and some of a van for the first trip with boxes etc from my parent's garage.  Then we went over to the storage unit (after unloading at the new home), and stuffed the 2 SUVs, all of the van, and the bed of a truck.

I really appreciate all the help I got from my friends.

There were these nice towers and walls of boxes in the living room and dining room.  On Sunday, I went over to the house to wait for the installation of the cable/internet.  While I was there I unpacked all of the kitchen boxes.  I also found the boxes that go into my room and took them upstairs.

My parents and my other brother are both flying in tonight.  Greg will go pick them up from the airport. Tomorrow we will pick up a truck we rented and move the rest of our stuff.  The new mattresses also get delivered tomorrow.

Hopefully I will be able to sleep in my new bed, in my new place, Tuesday night.

Of course the next week or so will be all about unpacking and organizing and figuring out what we need to buy/fix.  Plus I need to do some weeding and pruning - especially in the front of the house.

There is a lot of work to be done.  It will be so satisfying when we are settled.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Camping and other stuff

Life is busy and just keeps moving along at a super fast pace.  Here is a random list of stuff that is going on with me:

 - I finished the boot camp/workshop for Business Communications.  I got 76% on the first test and 84% on the second test for a total mark of 80%.  Not bad but I could have done better on the first test.

 - my co-worker with Lupus ended up in the hospital again.  She has pneumonia and an infection in her heart.  She is just not doing well this year.  Please send her all your well wishes.

 - the furnace and ducts are being cleaned at my new house today.  My youngest brother/roommate is also going to do a bit of cleaning.

 - we are going to move a bunch of the boxes in on Saturday (July 26) with the help of my awesome friends and my youngest brother

 - my other brother gets back from New Brunswick on July 28, on July 29 we have a truck rented and we will move all the heavy stuff (couches, my armoire, etc).  We also have the new mattresses delivered that day.

 - I found a couple of pictures and a new duvet cover set to put in my bedroom

 - just got back from the company BBQ at Pigeon Lake.  I camped over night on Saturday.  There was some rain, but I also got way too much sun yesterday.  We ate a lot of delicious food, had a few drinks, played bocce ball, had a couple of campfires, and just had a fabulous time.  I am super tired and a little sore today.

 - I am now in the process of changing my address in a million and one places.  Started with setting up the mail forwarding with Canada Post

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Weight Loss Update: June 25 to July 9

Weight Watchers Weigh-In: 

Original Weight: 314.8 
Previous Weight (June 21): 262.7 
Today's Weight (June 28): 261.4 
Change: -1.3 
Total Loss: -53.4 

Total Loss since May 2012: -60.8 
Total Loss since Nov 2005: -75.0

Previous Weight (June 28): 261.4 
Today's Weight (July 5): 260.4 
Change: -1.0 
Total Loss: -54.4 

Total Loss since May 2012: -61.8 
Total Loss since Nov 2005: -76.0 

SP Weigh In 
Previous Weight (June 25): 259.4 
Today's Weight (July 2): 257.4

Nice!  I had a loss three weeks in a row.  Hopefully I can keep that streak up this week at WW.  I would love to make it below 260 at WW. Bowling on Wednesday nights has been helping me move more.  I also walked around IKEA for about an hour last Saturday.  

I was going to go for a walk last night but I ended up making a coconut-key lime pie and the filling for a rum raisin pie instead after running to the grocery store for ingredients.  It's my aunt's birthday this month, and at work (where she is the CEO) we always have pie to celebrate the July birthdays.  I volunteered to make the pies.  

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Friday, July 4, 2014

We Got The House !!

I now have a new place to live and should be moved in by the end of July.  

It was funny - after realizing that we still had not got confirmation of the seller's finances for her new place (it was a condition of the sale) - we gave her two more days, until end of day today, to get everything sorted out with her bank.

So then my dad and I decided to cover our bases and started looking around at what else was out there. After dinner yesterday we went out for a drive to the north part of the city to see how close homes were to amenities and transit.  Actually saw a good possibility/back-up plan house right behind the Eaux Claires transit station.  

We got home around 8:30pm.  By 9:30pm the realtor's office had called and it was confirmed that the conditions were removed and the duplex is ours!  No need to consider finding a new place after all.  Now we just need to sign paperwork and visit the lawyer, and sign more paperwork, etc.

Possession should be July 18.  We need to have someone clean the ducts, and we will clean the carpets. My one brother is in New Brunswick until the 28 - so we are looking at moving from July 29 to Aug 1.  Well, I guess some of the moving could be done the weekend before on July 26 and 27.  

My dad, and sometimes my mom, will be staying with us every second week or so until May.  He will continue to cover the nursing homes that he has now.  That way he can pull in some extra dollars, mostly to help pay for a private home for my grandmother out in Victoria.

I am SO SO SO excited !!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cross Your Fingers & Toes

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We are so close to closing everything on the new duplex.  The current owner is just waiting to make sure all her finances are confirmed for the new place she is buying.  So we are all waiting for her to hear back from the bank.  We gave her an extension until the end of business Friday (it was originally June 29, but that was a Sunday, and then it was moved to July 2.)

If everything could just cross their fingers really, really hard.  I don't want to have to go look for something new at this point.  It would probably mean possession would not be until early August - and that will effect the plans we have made for my parent's move out of their house and moving my grandmother to Victoria.

I am holding my breath and making a million wishes.

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