Monday, September 21, 2015

More US Travel - Seattle

Soon after I got home from Chicago I started to plan my next trip (yes, I know I need to finish posting about Convention, I will get to that).  I am really lucky, in that I now have 3 weeks of paid vacation plus we close the office between Christmas and New Year's Eve and everyone gets those days off with pay.

I wanted to spend time in Victoria and visit with my parents and grandmother.  I did the same thing last year around Thanksgiving.  The year before that it was the Labour Day weekend (thanks for the reminder Facebook).  This time I picked the first couple of weekends in September again.

What was different, and awesome, was that I made my way to Victoria via Seattle.

I left Edmonton on Friday afternoon (Sept 4) and flew to Seattle via Calgary.  After making it through customs & security in Calgary, I ended up waiting at the gate, as our flight to Seattle got delayed about an hour.  What was interesting, is that security was at the gate with the passport of a woman and they escorted her onto the plane.  I overheard a bit of a cell phone conversation she was having, and it seems that her visa had run out and she was leaving Canada for the US (and hopefully figure out a way back to Canada).  It was kind of like an episode of Border Security.  

So I finally landed in Seattle.  Then I had to wait for the Shuttle to my hotel in Lynnwood (which is about 30min north of Seattle, and about 45min from the airport).

My hotel for the first two nights was nice.  Free WiFi in my room, complimentary breakfast, and it has a kitchenette with a full fridge, microwave, dishwasher, cook top, and some kitchen supplies (pots, plates, cutlery, glasses etc).

On Saturday I made my way about 30min North to Tulalip.  I took Community Transit, so the trip took over 2 hours, mostly because the second transfer was not timed well.  It was Saturday and the buses were running on an hourly schedule.  Still, it was way cheaper than renting a car or taking a taxi.  Plus I got to see some of the area, meet some really nice people, and pick up groceries on the way home.

I shopped at the Premium Outlets of Seattle and bought some fancy new purses.  The Coach bag was originally $550 US (about $730 CA), and it was marked down 70% to $165.  Then I did not have to pay the sales tax because I was Canadian.  It ended up being just over $200 CA - score!

I bought another purse and a vest at Van Heusen that were both 70% off - I saved over $120.00 there. I bought $10 US G.H. Bass shoes (comfy blue loafer/deck/boat style ones) and a Guess purse.  I would have gone to Kate Spade, but I was so tired by that point and there was a line up for the store.

Sunday I made my way downtown to the Sheraton for my last night in Seattle.  That afternoon I went up the Space Needle and went through the awesome Chihuly Garden and Glass art museum.

Monday was the Clipper ferry trip to Victoria.  I walked around by the water/piers before I got on the boat.

It was a great weekend, and I walked almost 40,000 steps over 3 days.  On the Sunday, it was almost 20,000 steps just that one day.

I would love to go again.  Most of my trip was covered by Airmiles, and it really didn't take that many for 2 of the nights and the 2 flights.

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  1. Blue skies, how lucky! I love bargains, love the purses you found. Thank you for sharing!