Monday, November 2, 2015

Pi Beta Phi Convention 2015 - Part 2

OK, after a long delay - let's get back to the end of June (4 months ago) and the rest of Convention

Day 3 (Saturday) of my trip was really the first full day of the convention.

We had a FHC/CHC Breakfast at 8:30am (Fraternity Housing Corp/Chapter Housing Corp).  I was running late and ducked in right as it started at 8:30am.  Krista was a few minutes behind me as she was having trouble drying her hair.  We ate breakfast with the other representatives from CHC that were at convention.

Then we had our second General Session at 9:45am, then the Opening Session for the FHC Housing Symposium and lunch at 12:30pm. After lunch was another General Session (where Alberta Alpha won a Spirit Award!).

Four of us AB Alpha Alumnae (including myself), went to the pub in the hotel for some munchies after the General Session.  Lunch that day was a cold beef salad that was a bit lacking.  The wings we ate were huge and delicious.

I made it to the FHC/CHC reception before dinner (after changing into a different dress for dinner) and talked with a woman from Vermont that had a fire in their Chapter house.

Saturday night was the Dinner by Chapter, so I had the opportunity to catch up with one of my sisters that now volunteers for one of the head office committees.

This dinner started with each chapter having a representative walk out into the Grand Ballroom with a banner.  After dinner we took some pictures with our banner.

It was a full day but the alumnae ended up meeting together in one of the hotel rooms with some wine.  Much, much later I crawled into my bed tired but happy.

Day 4 (Sunday) started with a Memorial Service for the Pi Phis that had passed away since the last convention two years ago.  I got a late start to the day and unfortunately missed the service.  I made it to the FHC Housing Symposium after grabbing a coffee and a breakfast bar.  Krista finally had enough of the hair dryer blowing cold air and called to get a new one.  We should have thought of that earlier.

It was another full day with the Heritage Lunch after Part 1 of the Symposium.  At this lunch we had our Cookie Shine as well as listened to the three women who were given Members of Distinction Awards.  First there was Chris who was a Navy Pilot, then there was Ruth, who just may have been the highlight of convention with her speech.  She had note cards that she tried to follow but she kept losing her place but it did not matter.  She just told stories about her life including World War II and her work with various charitable organizations.  It was so inspiring and entertaining to hear about life as a Pi Phi back in the 1930s and 1940s.

After lunch we initiated 4 women as alumnae.  I loved the ceremony.  Then we were back into Educational Sessions.  This time FHC set a Jeopardy style game to see how we would handle different situations.

Dinner that evening was the Foundation Dinner.  Our original speaker unfortunately was ill and was unable to make it to convention - but her sister, a fellow Pi Phi, was there as one of the Members of Distinction.  So she made a speech about her life as an Olympic swimmer.

After dinner just two members of our AAC (Alumnae Advisory Committee) came back to the room Krista and I shared.  Another long but informative day ended.

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