Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Weight Loss Update: Sept 15 to Oct 14

Weight Watchers Weigh-In

Original Weight:  314.8
Previous Weight:  246.8 (Aug 29)
Goal Weight:  169.0

Sept 19:   247.7 (+0.9)
Sept 26:   244.2 (-3.5)
Oct 3:      Missed WW Meeting
Oct 10:    247.5 (+3.3)

Change (since Aug 29):  +0.7 pounds
Total Loss (since Nov 2012):  -67.3 pounds

Total Loss since May 2012:  -74.7 pounds
Total Loss since Nov 2005:  -88.9 pounds
Pounds to Lose:  78.5

SP Weigh-In (at home scale)

Previous Weight:  244.4 (Sept 12)
Current Weight:    242.2 (Oct 14)

Change:    -2.2 pounds

Again this month has been a lot of back and forth (up and down) and I am not really any further ahead.

While the weather is cooler, it's not super cold out yet.  What has been keeping me from evening walks has been how dark it gets by 7:00pm.

Time to pull out the exercise videos and get my butt moving.  No excuses!

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