Monday, December 19, 2011

The Ex Factor

It was another typical crazy weekend for myself and my husband.

Friday we met after work for dinner and then went out furniture shopping. We used the money his parents already sent us for Christmas and bought a dining room set. Now hopefully it is delivered tomorrow. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but two of the drivers called in sick.

Saturday I went to Wally World to get some shopping done and then in the evening we headed across the city for a birthday party at a small bar. This lead to my husband having a lot of fun, mostly involving beer and good talks with our friend GP.

Way back in one of my first blog posts (March 2010 maybe?) I mentioned that RW was married before. He still gets angry when he talks about her. When they met, she had a 2 year old daughter from a previous relationship (I will refer to my husband's ex as AM and her daughter as AR). It was mostly because of AR that AM and RW got married. He was in love with that little girl and AM wanted a father for her daughter. They got married, but separated shortly after their first anniversary. All they did was fight with one another, and both of them had cheated on one another.

RW would go see AR as often as he could up until Christmas of 2007. He loved that little girl, and considered her his daughter, but every time he spent time with her, he ended up fighting with her mother. So he decided that maybe it would be best if he didn't see AR for a while. Unfortunately AM took this opportunity and then prevented RW from ever seeing her again. He managed to see her school picture when they signed the divorce papers in early 2009. When Am re-married in December of 2009, a cousin of hers shared the pictures of AR with my husband, but when she found out she made the cousin take them off FB.

My husband has tried a few times to reach out and smooth things over with AM. He once wrote this very long email apologizing for his actions, but the only response he got from her was a lie about her cheating with one of his best friends. Every once in a while they will exchange a couple of texts, but she always stops answering first. A few weeks ago she said she would mail some old photos she found of my husband as a child, but we have not seem them yet.

In conversations that were had at the party this weekend, a lot of the emotional fallout of all of this was brought up. Both of us ended up shedding some tears, but we know that we love one another and really want to work on getting pregnant in 2012.

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