Monday, July 23, 2012

A Bunch of Stuff

Welcome from ICLW !  I have this goal to set up a couple of tabs at the top of my blog page.  Just the typical "About Me" and "TTC Timeline" and maybe one for "Weight Loss".

I was weighing myself, and then I missed this week.  I really need to just schedule it so that I get into the habit of posting about it every Wednesday.

On to more interesting happenings in my life instead of this drabble.

One of my best friend's got married on July 14.  She was a beautiful bride.  The wedding was fantastic and I got to catch up with some of my old high school friends.  The only damper was that my ankle is still healing (still broken?), so I could not dance the night away.

My company had their annual summer BBQ at my aunt's house.  She is the owner, but when I got hired she only gave me the name of the VP of Sales so I could set up an interview.  Then I was mostly on my own.  We drove up to Edmonton on Saturday.  The food was delicious and my husband and I were the last ones to leave.

I have an appointment with the orthopedic doctor today about my broken ankle.  I really hope it goes well.  I am tired of the cast, although I am lucky it is a boot that I can take on and off for showers.  My upper thigh gets these tingles and pains that make it difficult to sleep.  I want to get the stamina back in my foot.  My foot has also been swelling up a bit at the end of the day, probably because I am doing too much and not keeping it elevated enough.  Broken bones suck.

I had a horrible sleep last night (uncomfortable and hot), so now I am super tired.  Why do we not have nap time at work?


  1. Ugh... a cast in the heat we've had? How awful! I'm hoping that your appointment went well and that you got some good news!

  2. Nap time at work is a brilliant idea! Hoping the doctor appointment went well and you ankle is on the way to a full recovery sooner rather than later.

  3. Hoping your appointment went well!

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