Sunday, February 3, 2013


Still here, living in limbo . . . I am so frustrated and tired.

I was in Edmonton living with my parents and youngest brother from Saturday January 19 to Sunday January 27.  Packed that Saturday morning, stopped at the office to grab my computer and hit the road.  Weather was good until I was about an hour from my parents house, and then it began to snow.  A few more kilometres down the road there was an accident and traffic stopped dead for about 30min.  Eventually I made it home. 

I worked out of the head office of my company for the week.  It was nice, being able to interact with all the people I usually only get to talk to on the phone or through emails.  There is a possibility that the sales assistant in Edmonton might not last in the job (whether that means she quits or is let go), I would jump at the chance to take over.  I let my aunt (the CEO) know that I should be the first person they talk to about filling the position.  Our Vice President of Sales seems a little resistant to this, but I am sure she would prefer finding one person for Calgary over having to find two new people (me and a person in Edmonton).  Because I just don't see myself staying in Calgary for much longer.

When I got back to Calgary on the 27th, my husband packed up and is crashing at his friend C's house.  He is still there and planning to come home next Sunday?  I think? 

We talk, well text and instant message - but it's all superficial.  Discussions about our hockey pool, and the budget for the week, and my cold.  Ya, on top of everything I caught my mom's cold and was sick all this past week.  Only missed one day of work and still helped out with a big luncheon event we held on Tuesday.  Anyway, I really think one of the things I need to do this week is just suck it up and ask my husband a couple of serious questions.  Even if that is over texting.

What I want is to be number one in his life, for him to stop flirting/texting/emailing etc other women, and for him to get counseling for the drinking.

Not unreasonable.

I just don't know if he is willing to do that.  To work on things and fight for us.


  1. Sending lots of love.... I wish I could give you the answers. X

  2. When I see your tagline (losing weight and having a baby), I think "hey! Is this MY blog?!?" Hope we both meet our goals. I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems in your marriage. Infertility is already such a makes things so much more bearable to know that you can count on your partner. I hope that your husband agrees to seek help and to recommit to your relationship. I'm sending you lots of good thoughts.

  3. Oh I'm so sorry to read about your troubles. It is definitely not unreasonable to want your husband to not flirt with other women and stop drinking. I would expect nothing less from my husband!