Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Busy Week

It has been another busy week.  Cross your fingers - my parents are having our realtor over tonight and hopefully they will be able to put the house up for sale.  Last Friday (June 6) we had the carpet cleaned in the basement.  It was really odd looking down there on Thursday night with all the furniture removed (except the pool table).  I think that the house is ready. 

Not last weekend, but the weekend before, I was feeling like a little old lady.  On Friday evening (May 30) I had my regular bowling game with Kristine.  Then on Saturday evening (May 31) I met up with the girls I work with in the circulation department for bingo.  I almost one a game - I was just one number away from having a blackout on a card.  The director of our department won over $200.00 by having the four corners in one game.  It was a lot of fun and I would go again.

Last Thursday we were supposed to go out and look at some houses.   I gave the list to our realtor and his assistant emailed me back to confirm Thursday evening.  Unfortunately she never told our realtor that I had agreed to the appointment.  We ended up going out on Saturday morning (June 7).  Not that we ended up seeing any that were on the list I provided.  There were 12 places, and all of them were sold or had pending offers.  It's great that we are now looking for a single family home around $350,000 - but that has placed us in the hot part of the Edmonton real estate market.  I gave our realtor another list of 22 places and hopefully we can go out Thursday and Saturday.  I am getting anxious to find a place to live. 

My online program has another bootcamp going on right now.  I can finish another course in my program by the end of the month.  I really like that they occasionally offer these ways to complete courses faster.  With all the cleaning, packing, and house hunting I have not been focused on my studies.  Another reason I want to get settled in my new home.

Of course on top of all of this, and work, my vehicle decided to have more issues.  I went to drive it to work last Thursday and it would not go faster than 5km an hour, and the check engine light started flashing.  I managed to park it back in the cul-de-sac and headed to work on the bus.  I was only 15min late.  Once I got to work I made a bunch of phone calls (my mom, AMA, the dealership etc).  The vehicle was towed and the service tech looked at it on Friday morning.  They replaced two more coils (for a total of 5 out of 6 now), and since I had already had it in twice in the past 6 months for the same problems - there was no charge.  I even managed to get it back and drive it to bowling that evening.

Tonight we have our bowling wrap-up banquet and fun bowl.  I am thinking that I am going to sign up for the Summer league.  Kristine won't be able to participate as she is schedule to move to BC on July 11.  I might even look into buying my own bowling shoes.  The ones I rent are of course old and worn out.  Last Friday was fun as we had our last official bowling games and then after Kristine met up with some people from work.  I tagged along as I knew a few of them as former co-workers.  We had a nice time talking.

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