Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Weight Loss Update: June 4 to 24

Weight Watchers Weigh-In: 

Original Weight: 314.8 
Previous Weight (May 31): 261.6
Today's Weight (June 14): 263.4
Change: +1.8
Total Loss: -51.4

Previous Weight (June 14): 263.4
Today's Weight (June 21): 262.7
Change: -0.7
Total Loss: -52.1


Total Loss since May 2012: -59.5 
Total Loss since Nov 2005: -73.7 

SP Weigh In 
Previous Weight (May 31): 259.6
Today's Weight (June 25): 259.4

So I was up almost two pounds on June 14, but then down again almost a pound on June 21.  I should also be down this week.  At the start of the month there were too many opportunities to make bad food decisions - which of course I succumbed to instead of saying "no".  

I really need to drink more water.  I have a water bottle at work, I just need to remember to go fill it up after lunch (or at lunch).  I have a coffee with milk on the way to work (right now usually iced), then tea with milk at work (walked over to David's Tea in City Centre at lunch yesterday to replenish my supply).  I have milk with dinner and often water after dinner.  If I would just drink some water in the afternoon I would be good to go on the liquids.

Of course there is the same old song and dance about moving more.  I did go for a nice walk at lunch yesterday.  It was really warm outside.  I almost had 7,000 steps yesterday.  Tonight I have bowling, and I am taking transit to and from work - so it should be another 7,000 + day.  I just need to finish up my workshop/bootcamp for Business Communications, and then I would have time to walk in the evenings.

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